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China’s Pirates fear terrorists hijacked experience to grab the Military Channel – Sohu agogoktv

Chinese’s experience: the pirates robbed afraid of terrorists to rob people of Sohu – Military Channel cold be away from home for nearly ten years, and when he came back, his neighbors ridicule him, but also high, black. In 2006, Sichuan Zhongjiang County cold be 17 year old seafarers earn money, he did not expect to come back again, this is after ten years. In March 26, 2012, the Seychelles waters to the south, Oman from Taiwan fishing boat No. Naham3 was hijacked by Somali pirates on board, including 11 crew members, including a total of 29 crew members. Leng Wenbing is one of them. The crew were released in October 22, 2016, including 10 Chinese mainland crew, including the first hostages will be taken to the safe area of Kenya, and then by the United Nations plane to Guangzhou. At noon on October 25th, cold be returned after an absence of ten years in the home. He had a long scar on his head, which he had left behind when he tried to escape, and the pirates left a souvenir. But then the specific process, those who are scared, desperate coverage of nearly five years of experience, he rarely mentioned in the village, I later had to be practical, down-to-earth man can be." They were holding AK47, bullet in the ship is everywhere on the Beijing News: how Vikings appear? Leng Wenbing: that is my sail, trapping nearly 5 tons of fish, is a very good harvest. Night around a bit, I put the money to end hook, Captain, I’ll go to rest. When I got to the room, I was going to watch TV for a while, and my roommate, Song Jiangxing, came in and told me that there were pirates outside. I didn’t believe it at the time. Then heard "popping" sound, the beginning thought that what happened outside the ship. I went to the back of the ship, did hear gunfire hit, bullets hit the ship deck. Beijing News: what did you do? Leng Wenbing: I was told to turn off all the lights on the back of the ship. The pirates were sitting in the kind of fiberglass boat, the weather was calm, the wind and waves. If the waves are big, the pirates won’t catch us. Beijing News: there is no rehearsal before, how to do to deal with pirates? Leng Wenbing: who would have thought of a pirate?. It wasn’t in Somalia, we were on the high seas, seven hundred or eight hundred nautical miles off somalia. Beijing News: do you see the pirates, there are defensive preparations? Leng Wenbing: they shoot, we have no guns, only prepared knife. But no one dared to do anything. When we saw them on board, they hid themselves in the room or in the cab. Beijing News: how they get on the boat? Leng Wenbing: they came up with an iron ladder, with a hook on the front, and on our boat. They had two ships, each with a crew of five or six, and at the beginning of the year there were only about four pirates. Beijing News: where were you? Leng Wenbing: my roommate and I are hiding in the cabin. The door of the room locked, my hand holding more than and 30 cm long fish.相关的主题文章: