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Chengdu Qionglai two truck rear end veteran race against time to save (map) (video)-zuczug

Chengdu Qionglai two truck rear veterans (Figure 20) race against time to save around 2:30 in the afternoon, in Qionglai (micro-blog), Chengwenqiong highway toll station in Qionglai city of mulberry export direction of the red light intersection, two truck rear end, the rear end vehicle front was severely damaged, the driver was trapped, in critical condition. At this point, just passing the green camp to expand the quality of training limited several veterans in 119 and 120 before the driver was trapped rushed to the rescue, and full participation in the rescue. Unfortunately, due to injuries, trapped truck driver died in the hospital after the death. "We just took the instructor to the fire squadron business learning." Green camp training Corporation chief instructor Wu Linyang told reporters, about 2:30 minutes, the vehicle is traveling to the town of mulberry, distance 1 kilometers Wenjiang Qionglai highway toll station traffic lights, I saw the road full of people around, look at that two truck rear end, rear end truck almost lodged in the front car tail and the driver was tightly jammed, across 20 meters away, the driver heard "cries for help, help". Without hesitation, Wu Linyang and director of the office of Zhao Xiaoping with Zheng Yunxiao, Wang Zhixin, Ye Tao, He Xianxu, Wang Yongsheng, Sun Fei several instructors get off to save people. "Evacuate the people first, the traffic is too large." Zhao Xiaoping said. "Just hit it for a long time to come, and thought it was near the soldiers, the results they said not." Intersection of a hotel’s sister said, at that time, 119, 120 has not arrived. Wu Linyang climbed into the car to see the wounded. "(the driver) tightly stuck in the cab, the neck is also against the steering wheel, the nose was bleeding." The rear end car severely deformed front, the engine has been falling apart, this time the driver is conscious, answered Wu Linyang to feel faint. Veterans who have a wealth of experience in emergency response while keeping the driver sober, while trying to rescue. Wang Yongsheng was 20 years old, borrowed from a nearby garage drill rod, wrenches and other tools, carefully pry the gap between the wheel and the injured, so he can breathe, before the car instructors and force lost power open 2 meters. Immediately, 120 emergency personnel and fire officers and soldiers rushed to the driver for emergency treatment. "When we got there, we saw someone in the rescue." Chengdu city public security fire squadron twenty-eight officers then on the door to rescue hydraulic clamp expansion, and then carried out before the car 10 meters away, with the fire water tank and the traction chain with Ripper rescue, which lasted about half an hour, the fire brigade and rescue officers successfully rescued the injured to the hospital. Chengdu Daily reporter from the Qionglai Municipal People’s Hospital of the client and the rear end car driver company was informed that, due to his injuries, the driver in the hospital after the Chengdu Daily reporter | unfortunately to client in compliance with pictures provided by the respondents to edit | Lingyan editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, only three year old boy extended reading card four floor door space bar hanging well intentioned people climbing unarmed rescue相关的主题文章: