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Chengdu cafe, I only go to these 3! The door is the museum – Sohu eat and drink 2016-10-20 Chengdu city coffee and tea, is a kind of attitude towards life, all the flavors are concentrated in a cup. Coffee more than star dad COSTA, Chengdu, these are the most special stores, with coffee to take you around the world! The The Mondoli’s BLOOD | vision | last week to take the arch, the biggest gain than with the MONDOLI meeting. Remember the last time there, or the opening time Park celebration, the makeshift stage is now the Mondoli shop block. Maybe this is a surprise. "MONDOLI" (carp) has no special meaning, is the founder of the word. The future may be the meaning of the word, before it has no meaning, just like Kungfu in the face of Bruce Lee, no one heard, no one cares about the meaning of it. ? a coffee studio in Yuyou to Lang carp before, although in the coffee shop is just a sideline, but still professional equipment. No garish latte Caramel Cappuccino, coffee beans are fun, fine taste espresso transform. | rattlesnake | Mondoli coffee style is designed to fit the environment of tonality, not to blindly follow the trend, the Conservatives chose the classic ~ pursuit of friends can choose the early adopters of adventure series, but some exudes the flavor of Dezhou locomotive party do not meet the old school style coffee classic flavor, "rattlesnake" the series is designed for people who dare to challenge the build… Although coffee is very professional, but Mondoli is actually selling goods to the shop, coffee is just a sideline. Antique ornaments, Candle Fragrance, as long as you see all things to all you can buy home. In my heart, she is really a mini museum specimens, antiquities enthusiasts, collectors will love the one hundred percent shop. Yes, please don’t mess in the store to exclaim "Oh, the skull…" in fact, they have their own names, have their own identity, interest the owner certainly willing to introduce you to. In addition to a variety of animal skeleton skull, glass cabinets and many collections of animal specimens. Crocodile, deer, wild bull are the heart of the boss, in a sister two days ago bought a wild bull home, other things go to the store as long as it is not sold can see. The most favorite is the head of the fox, you can imagine how much effort the owner spent his collection in this. To understand the antiquities people will see the whole world. Mondoli address: B, no flower arch in Business Hours: 1:00 p.m. – 8:00 | taste | Coffee brewer UM UM! In one of Chengdu’s most popular scenic spots, 8 lane width相关的主题文章: