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Cao Yunjin Guo Degang. Only one word? Changed the name to change the number of public concern between the line Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! When it comes to entertainment annual show in 2016, if your first thought is Baoqiang Wang VS Ma Rong, Zhang Jizhong VS’s ex-wife, it is really backward! The crosstalk noise Deyunshe revival, raise a Babel of criticism of several years. Once again opened the curtain, but just because the cause of "cloud" in the name of Cao Yunjin. The names were removed from the entertainment, it really so important? Let Xiaobian to chat with you to change the name of those things! Terminology Dictionary: a new context for the artists to perform the alias name is: the face of second artists, an impressive name for open star visibility is really important. Into first name has become the norm, good name features, covering the artist can be an occasion to marketing. An important part of the artists who set the stage name ". The drama of the 2016 edition of the apprentice Deyunshe opening, by Guo Degang started it, in August 31st, he released the latest version of the Deyunshe genealogy, where there is such a word: "there was Yongyun name two days off, if every difficult to human relations, rebellious progenitor Qiurong, evil Italy gouxian selling division: ruthless. This seems to have no sense of shame for the police heinous, imitate, regain the stage name from his legacy." He had previously said on micro-blog: is not dead, is not scattered. The stay of the left, the walk. If you go to shame, give me my name. From the arena of distance, not goodbye!" Although he did not say that, but Cao Yunjin soon come out to refute and released a long micro-blog, listing the seven deadly sins of Guo Degang, and in the end that is the name given by Deyunshe founder, he would never return. A tear caused by name X war, the last point of controversy also falls back to the "cloud" Zibei. Right and wrong, the outcome, we outsiders is a mystery. But the name of the entertainment, who can still chat. Part1. Whether you are willing or not, has been renamed into [Baishixueyi is represent the general trend? First name: Deyunshe] promotion according to status as everyone knows, Deyunshe disciples were classified as "cloud jiuxiao LTSH" eight families, every two years, according to the time plan, renamed the door. Eight subjects are peers, but the entry time is different. Now the beloved little Yue Yue Yue Yunpeng and X Cao Yunjin are caused by war torn cloud Zibei representative. Small Yue Yue (Yue Yunpeng) small Yue Yue was not himself said, "Yue Buqun", but called Yue Longgang, the name of masculinity, bursting hormones. It is a pity that Yue Yue will be their own image of the screen is too cheap, and the name of the name of the name of the Yue Yue Meng Meng minutes of the rhythm of the game. Cao Yunjin, formerly known as Cao Jin, Cao Yunjin. For 3 consecutive years on the Spring Festival Gala, he also proved that he is indeed a piece of luminous gold. Yun, Cao Yunjin still continue to use this name. Deyunshe has always been to recover the right to use the traditional name quittters, 2008 Deyunshe founder Zhang Wenshun tried to cut off and off)相关的主题文章: