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Building block elevator debut in Quanzhou 100 minutes to complete the installation-zhuxianduowan

The block type elevator in Quanzhou debut 100 minutes to complete the installation of nearly 10 workers in less than 100 minutes to complete the installation of a 7 storey elevator installation more convenient construction, no nuisance, and intelligent equipment — building elevator in our city debut "the construction speed is really fast!" Morning to go home at noon, live at Huaqiao University in Southern District No. 9 Huang, a former residential building elevator 7 floors have been installed from scratch. Yesterday morning, Southern District staff residential building construction and installation in Quanzhou’s first steel structure integrated modular elevator, less than 10 workers busy for 100 minutes, lifting the completion of a 7 storey elevator, open construction site, no nuisance. It is reported that, after about a week after the installation and commissioning of the relevant departments and acceptance, residents can take the elevator down the stairs. 100 minutes to complete the installation during the construction without disturbing 9 pm yesterday, in the elevator at Huaqiao University in Quanzhou Southern District No. 9 residential building hoisting site, surrounded by some of the curious residents. In the meantime, a crane to open, several workers brought a number of steel structure elevator cube. Install the elevator residential building with 7 floors, installed in the elevator stairs turntable, the turntable stairs walls have been knocked on the first floor, the elevator pit in advance of construction, have poured concrete. When construction, crane lift cube, into the house in front of the building to set aside a good position, like building blocks together. The workmen with screw reinforcement, and the installation and connection of steel frame in the turntable corridor stairs, followed by the second and third section, fourth section lift cube smooth superposition…… An elevator shaft is about 20 meters from the ground, the installation process takes about 100 minutes. Reporters saw the construction site is not closed, no dust or noise nuisance, residents of the normal residential building downstairs. This elevator running smoothly, we also want to learn from the installation of floor." Many nearby residents said. To solve the problem on the downstairs residents from the elevator installed according to the introduction, for the Chinese teachers in Southern District residential area, a total of 24 residential buildings, the stairs are real, there are hundreds of households. Many residents are on the age of teachers, up and down the stairs is very inconvenient, we have the idea of installing elevators. "Building 9, a staircase of all the owners agreed to lift the elevator, the owner of self financing, the district industry committee and the school are also supported by the 12." Huaqiao University, the former United Front minister Yang Cunquan also lived in building 9, from the beginning of this year, he actively coordinated operation, owners of elevator installation. Yang Cunquan said that the 4 buildings inhabited by a 90 year old retired teacher, due to walking, almost two years time did not go downstairs, "lift once up and running, he will be able to walk in the downstairs area." Yang Cunquan is a member of the CPPCC municipal committee, in the previous year’s municipal CPPCC meeting, he made a proposal to require the installation of the old residential multi-storey residential elevator. He believes that the move can improve the living conditions of the people, to facilitate the elderly travel, improve happiness index, while both multi-storey residential building property will therefore appreciate, to achieve a win-win situation". The proposal was set as the focus of the proposal, the municipal government attaches great importance to the seven.相关的主题文章: