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Bloomberg Sina market performance of the market value of the fast approaching twitter www.52cp.cn

Bloomberg: Sina micro-blog market performance is fast approaching the Twitter lead good market capitalization: Bloomberg today, the author will both micro-blog and Twitter social media — the most recent American market on the topic of comparison. The article points out that the two companies have a lot of similarities, but now it is moving towards both ends, micro-blog thriving, and Twitter all the way down. The following is the main content of the article for the first time to market, sina Twitter and micro-blog have a lot in common. Revenue from the two social networks was mostly from advertising, and now they add more flexibility to the 140 characters, has become a fierce competition for the acquisition of investment targets. Twitter and micro-blog’s share price but there is a huge part company each going his own way, and the obvious difference between the two: the price of their stock. Twitter fell more than 20% this year, micro-blog’s share price is almost doubled by the times, because the company has gained unparalleled market advantage in China, a good sales prospects for the group of three. Micro-blog headquarters in Beijing, the current market value of about $11 billion, quickly approaching $12 billion 600 million Twitter. Unlike micro-blog, Twitter, based in San Francisco, USA, with a market capitalisation of $34 billion last year, is now facing growing competition from Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Two different fates of micro-blog platform stock market crashed twitter part company each going his own way the market value of micro-blog micro-blog is the only growth Chinese social media platform, no Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, the competition in the mainland, "Hongkong Morningstar Investment Service (Morningstar Investment Service) stock analyst Marie Sun said. Sina micro-blog began in 2009, 2014 in the portal Sina company stripped out, the day before the company announced net income in the fourth quarter of last year, profit exceeded analysts’ expectations. The market value of the U.S. stock market is 12 times the monthly income of $51, including Twitter, including the global average of only about 36 times. In June this year, Sina’s daily active users for 282 million, an increase of 33% over the previous year, the monthly growth rate of active users also exceeded Twitter. Although the Tencent’s WeChat China is the most popular social APP, with more than 860 million monthly active users, but different platforms have different functions, general super APP WeChat as private information, its function and Facebook, Uber, Paypal, Tinder and many other applications for micro-blog is not much difference between the combination. And share the information of the first station of celebrity accounts. Micro-blog users grow rapidly, the number of Twitter users to maintain steady growth in the number of micro-blog users to accelerate the growth of Twitter users are weak, while Sina’s advertising revenue increased by 45% over the previous year, micro-blog. Out of confidence in the development of micro-blog has increased.相关的主题文章: