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Beware Of Checkmypconline Scam!! 0800 520 0304-ca1806

Software I was contacted by someone claiming to represent Microsoft. They asked if my computer was running slowly or showing any other problems. I said that it was taking a long time to load. He confirmed that Microsoft was worried about the problems and would put things right. I asked how much it would cost and was told it was free. A supervisor spent quite some time going over everything and then talked me through various operations which produced lists of data which showed occasional "warnings". I don’t know what that would be like, but I can try to imagine, clearly it would be fookin’ horrible! I do think you’re making a bit of an assumption though. The people I spoke to are just one particular species of criminal, the world is full of criminals. Paying someone to fix a non-existent fault is one of the oldest tricks in the book. For computer users, the scam often starts with an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to be from a technical support company like Microsoft. After a vague description of a generic problem, the drill is for the smooth-tongued technician to direct you to a web page (.checkmypconline..), where a remote control session can then be initiated. With full access to your PC, the remote scammer can pretend to fix problems, fabricate new ones and install malicious software. The unsuspecting victim is required to pay for this privilege, and may even be offered the chance to cough up an annual subscription for keeping the .puter safe for a fault-free future. Cold calls about your PC from chekmypconline.. by you have never dealt with should set off alarm bells immediately, not least since the technology to detect a problem on your PC, over the internet, without your knowledge, does not exist. This operation took over an hour. I said I wasn’t happy to go ahead until I could get some background on the .pany. I played dumb, kept him on the line for 30 minutes, foxed him by asking if they would use a laser, if it was dangerous etc. just turning the tables as much as possible. Anyway after half an hour exactly the phone goes dead. After investigating it further I found that Saurabh Rajput is the bloke, who is doing all those by running it through Impeccable Solutions in Gurgaon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: