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Before the start of the Guangzhou auto show, we first went to the Losangeles auto show around the wo-winflash

Before the start of the Guangzhou auto show, we first toured the Losangeles auto show car – Sohu in the national car people rushed to Guangzhou, ready to show a variety of wonderful Guangzhou auto show at the same time for the country and the people of the world, the other side of the ocean in Losangeles also opened the show. In fact, when you see this Losangeles auto show car express, "" our team has rutting in Guangzhou stand by, before the relevant report of the Guangzhou auto show from a furnace, let us look at the Pacific on the other side of what is happening! Jaguar I-Pace to see the beginning of the letter is a "I" you think apple made the car out, right? (it is said that the apple repairer project has died) but don’t ignore the back of the "Pace" ah, this name is quite exquisite, you see, the last two letters between C and E is a D, replace it becomes iPad…… It wasn’t an ordinary Jaguar Jaguar, because front is generally long, flat body is low, but the A column of this car in the front wheel arch above appeared, and the visual height is not low. Of course, the front face of the grille, lamp group design is the Jaguar, but you can anticipate that this car is not generally. Because this is an electric car, as we all know, is a super simple electric mechanical layout, no longer need to line complex, as long as the battery lying underneath, installed on the drive motor before and after the bridge is completed, the space is easily solved. Well, 4 seconds to break one hundred. The car is aimed at the opponent Tesla Model X, but less than Model 30 km mileage or slightly less than ah, but the fast charging technology allows this car is full of electricity within 2 hours of X. Although the car is still a concept car, but it is very close to the form of mass production, and is now said to be able to accept reservations. Mini Countryman as the largest member of the Mini family, rut Jun has always felt that Countryman should be thin and thin. The new Countryman seems to thinner than the old one, but in fact the length and width are increased slightly, the wheelbase increased by 7.5 cm, it is possible to make Countryman look more slim reasons. The shape of the headlights into an oval, and it will be separated from other members of the Mini family. The interior is familiar with the taste of Mini, adding some details to make the car look more luxurious, but also more rational. However, the rut is felt as a Mini is not too rational, because rational people will not buy a Mini. But to buy a Mini is a great thing, some might not be so emotional. This generation of Mini Countryman in addition to the three cylinder and four cylinder 1.5T 2.0T the two power, will add a plug-in hybrid vehicle, in some measure, the plug-in hybrid cars hundred kilometers fuel consumption as low as 2.1L 100km. In fact, plug-in hybrid well, look at the fuel consumption data, the key is to charge!相关的主题文章: