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Before going to bed chewing a few grains of Chinese wolfberry have 8 categories of people should not-remonstrate

Before chewing a few grains of wolfberry has benefits of 8 kinds of people should not eat in cold weather, eating wolfberry health is the most common, especially for female friends. However, it is necessary to remind you that eating wolfberry health is not suitable for everyone, but also need to pay attention to eating taboo caixing. Chew before going to bed a few grains of wolfberry has the benefits of the elderly at night is very complex and mouth reason, do not drink before going to bed, sleep snoring, mouth breathing can cause. In addition, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, chronic pharyngitis and other diseases can also cause dry mouth at night. Treatment of dry mouth at night have a certain effect of Lycium barbarum l.. Chinese medicine believes that the night is dry, yin deficiency of liver and kidney can cause the body fluid caused by bearing. Medlar sweet nature, with nourishing liver and kidney, seminal fluid, eyesight and other sedative effect, can be used for the treatment of dizziness more tears, consumptive cough, throat and other symptoms of diabetes. Wolfberry especially good at treating due to injury Tianjin Yin xerostomia. China’s modern famous doctors Zhang Xichun was suffering from nocturnal polydipsia, drinking water and "bedtime Nanxiao, he chewed medlar one or two", and alleviate the symptoms. Wolfberry can nourish liver and kidney yin, Sheng Jin and soothing bedtime, chew medlar, can relieve dry mouth at night, can help sleep, the dosage is generally 10~30 grams of chewing before going to bed. Studies have shown that wolfberry has anti-aging, anti fatigue, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic effect. So often, Lycium barbarum also has certain effect on prevention of coronary heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, dry eye disease. However, patients with fever, spleen deficiency or diarrhea should not take medlar. Who should not eat cold have a fever: wolfberry medlar belong to hot food and medicine, cold have a fever the body virtual fire Wang, so cold have a fever when eating wolfberry fruit or drink water will increase the cold have a fever illness. Patients suffering from various kinds of inflammation: inflammation during the crowd, whether oral or medlar soaked in water to drink, will make more serious inflammation, and even induce other adverse symptoms. Patients with diarrhea: mentioned in the "materia Sutra": "if the weak and the stomach, diarrhea, often do not enter". Patients with diarrhea after eating wolfberry fruit, will accelerate the symptoms of diarrhea, have an impact on the body function, so do not eat wolfberry during diarrhea. High blood pressure, diabetes patients: high blood pressure during the consumption of Chinese wolfberry fruit, will make the blood pressure is not stable, medlar itself high sugar content, diabetic patients should not eat. Gastrointestinal bad weakness: gastrointestinal bad weak taking medlar raw or water can cause indigestion, loss of appetite, stomach nausea vomit acid and other phenomena, especially in summer is more obvious. Desire: excitement folk "Jun Trinidad, don’t eat wolfberry medlar" Proverbs, enhance the function of the sexual excitement, so usually desire excitement after eating, will be more excited, even bring out some symptoms of physical discomfort. Hot body: at the same time with the warm body of medlar tonic effect, so the body heat and phlegm in the resistance of the people, for hypertension, quick temper tantrums, and a large number of meat on weekdays, and there is inflammation of the body, cold have a fever, diarrhea, it is best not to eat, otherwise not only can not achieve the effect of maintenance, but also may aggravate the condition. The weakness of the spleen and stomach: materia medica.相关的主题文章: