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Basic Knowledge About The Latex Bed Mattress-gamelink

Home-Improvement After the spring bed mattress and palm bed mattress, latex bed mattress has be.e the new favorite in the furniture market. Believe it or not, such bed mattress made from pure natural latex would be the development trend of bedding. However, too many people want to know that is it better to buy latex bed mattress and what are the advantages? Follow me to read the article below. Latex may be the best sleeping gift for human given by nature and the latex bed mattress and latex pillow are the top-level living room equipment in the advanced countries all over the world. In Europe, people find that in order to get rid of the fatigue when sleeping, it is better to use such natural bedding because of the continued support and soft feeling. The unique feature of latex can not only meet consumer demand, but also accord with the new lifestyle trends of returning to the nature. People who pay more attention on their health and .fortable lifestyle are likely to buy such latex bed mattress. In Europe, about millions of Europeans every year buy such bedding made from natural latex. As is known to all, latex is made from the juice of rubber tree and every day each rubber tree can only has the output of latex juice at about 30ml, therefore it is very precious. Because of the features such as pure natural and good antibacterial effect, nowadays latex is wildly used in the health care field such as the baby pacifiers, medical gloves and so on. According to the statistics, more than 90 percent of the world production of latex is produced in Southeast Asia and in fact the world’s best quality natural latex are exactly made in these areas, including the Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Among them, the quality of latex production made in Malaysia is worldwide famous, which is dependent on the sunshine strength and the ocean climate. At present, the latex products in China can be divided into the Dunlop productive technology and Talalay productive technology. Because of the high cost of raw material and top-ranking manufacturing technique, the price of ordinary double bed mattress is about 5000 U.S. dollar. In the furniture market, the name of latex bed mattress sometimes is a little confused, some bed mattress made from the synthetic foam and sponge are also named as latex mattress, therefore when making purchase decision, consumers should be more careful. The genuine latex has the natural milk flavor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: