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Barcelona again! Indicted, hired commercial espionage implicated many senior – Sohu Sports-www.yeah.net

Barcelona again! Prosecution hired spies implicated high – Sohu sports   Barcelona by allegations of commercial espionage in Brazil federal court has asked the prosecution to withdraw the Neymar transfer fraud problem in the process of contract charges, the Barcelona club just relieved, but now get another pile of trouble. "MediaPro", a Spanish media company, was once sued by Russell, a former president of Barcelona, for commercial espionage during his reign. Rojas, the boss of the MdiaPro media company, filed a lawsuit against the court on Friday local time, and the Barcelona club and former chairman Russell became defendants. The reason is from 2009 to 2011, Russell by hiring commercial spy, stole his personal email, the number reached hundreds. "World sports newspaper" said: "this matter is very extensive, not only Barcelona senior and former chairman Russell was accused of, even the Barcelona basketball team many high-level also followed the lawsuit. But Barcelona officials have issued notices that deny the club’s illegal spying on commercial intelligence and violations of privacy. The announcement points out that there is no commercial espionage and privacy violations committed by the Barcelona club, hoping that the outside world will respect the Barcelona club and former president Russell. And the club will retain the right to maintain their reputation and image, do not rule out the possibility of safeguarding rights through legal means. (Bourbon) 巴萨再惹官司!遭起诉曾雇商业间谍 牵连多高层-搜狐体育  巴萨受指控存商业间谍行为   巴西联邦法院已经要求检方撤回对内马尔转会过程中存在合同欺诈问题的指控,巴塞罗那俱乐部刚刚松了一口气,但如今又惹上另一桩麻烦。西班牙传媒公司“MediaPro”则以前巴萨主席罗塞尔在执政期间存在商业间谍行为,提起诉讼。   “MdiaPro”传媒公司老板罗耶斯已经在当地时间本周五向法院提起诉讼,巴塞罗那俱乐部和前主席罗塞尔都成了被告。理由则是在2009年至2011年,罗塞尔通过雇佣商业间谍,窃取了他的个人电子邮件,数量达到几百封。   《世界体育报》表示:此事牵连甚广,不仅巴萨高层和前主席罗塞尔被指控,就连巴萨篮球队的多位高层也跟着吃了官司。不过巴塞罗那官方已经发布了通告,否认俱乐部存在非法刺探商业情报和侵犯他人隐私的行为。   通告中指出:巴塞罗那俱乐部不存在雇佣商业间谍和侵犯他人隐私的行为,希望外界能够对巴塞罗那俱乐部和前主席罗塞尔充满尊重。而俱乐部将会保留维护自身信誉和形象的权利,不排除通过法律手段维权的可能。   (波本)相关的主题文章: