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Audi Q5 Navigation Is Best For The Suv Car-lara fabian

Mobile-Audio-Video One of the features that a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) must have is a navigation system that will match the usefulness of the car. The Audi Q5 is a .pact SUV vehicle with a navigation system that matches the cars features and design. SUVs are usually used by the whole family or a group of persons that travel together and should have a navigation system .plete with modern day features. The AUDI Q5 Navigation system belongs to this category and has all the features that give the driver the convenience of a directional gadget that will take him to his desired destination. The AUDI Navigation System provides 3-D maps displayed in its 7-inch high definition monitor and is conveniently voice activated. The system is integrated with an entertainment program of voice activated radio, DVD and VCD players which can be played simultaneously with the navigation system. The system has slots for SD cards for keeping data for both navigation and music storage. Music storage is allotted 10 gigabytes which is equivalent to 4,000 sound tracks which can be played through the gadget and heard in ten speakers installed in the car. For rear parking of the car, the display monitor shows the rear view with excellent clarity. The installed camera and distance sensors help in parking and there is a program that determines the distance and speed of the vehicle in front when the car is cruising in roadways. The system is equipped with the mechanism that helps to keep the vehicle in the correct lane by triggering an alert sound when car goes off the lane. The navigation system displays a 2D or 3D map of the route the driver wants to take when going to a specified destination. Alternate routes are also made available should the driver wants to take a different route. The AUDI 5 in dash Navigation system automatically connects to the Traffic Message Channels and gets current information on the traffic conditions of the current route being used. It will signal the driver to an alternative route if the current route is plagued by a traffic jam. The navigation system has a 40 gigabyte memory in its hard drive and contains 3D maps of almost all cities in Western Europe and maps of all other places that have been stored in the disc. Information for navigation and music can be sourced from USB, DVD or CD Discs, and SD memory cards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: