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After the Bank IPO Dong prison high flash speech or no significant change in the regulatory requirem www.74eee.com

After the bank IPO Dong prison high flash or no significant changes in the standard three years of regulatory requirements for the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! After the bank IPO high Dong supervisor flash speech or standard "within three years without major changes in regulatory requirements – reporter Zhang Xin in the A stock market waiting for a number of years, the local bank IPO in the middle of this year although finally break the ice, but some high Dong supervisor quickly in IPO after the success of the outgoing message also caused the market’s attention. Securities Daily reporters noted that in the three quarter of this year has just completed the listing of IPO listed banks have a high profile of the directors of the disclosure of information is disclosed. The senior agency (lawyers and bankers) are of the view that, in order to meet the regulatory authorities on the initial public offering of shares of the listed companies "in recent three years, the directors and senior management personnel without significant changes in requirements, some banks will have to adjust the original staff plan postponed until after the listing, but this adjustment is usually negative the impact on the banking business not, nor should belong to the major changes". But the success of IPO executives "flash." although after the completion of the listing, the listed companies in the short term there It is often seen. executive changes, but the new bank shares high Dong supervisor lineup change quickly or exceed market expectations. In September 3rd, just listed on the day the Bank of Jiangyin announced that the board received a written resignation recently vice governor Zhong Guoliang application, Zhong Guoliang mobilize due to work reasons, resigned as vice president positions to. According to the relevant provisions of the "articles of association". The effect of Mr. Zhong Guoliang’s resignation since served the board of directors, the resignation of Zhong Guoliang will not continue to serve in the line. In September 2nd, the Bank of Jiangyin board of directors approved the appointment of vice president "on the bill", had agreed to report to vice president Yu Sheng, Banking Regulatory Commission approved the qualification. Another announcement, the bank also released Song Ping mobility due to work reasons, resigned from the board of supervisors office submitted to the board of supervisors, the board of supervisors agreed jinsheng. In fact, after the listing of some of the reasons for the transfer of executives to resign is not unique to the Bank of Jiangyin. August 2nd listing of Bank of Jiangsu on the evening of August 21st announcement that the board received a written resignation of Mr. Wang Yi. Due to the reasons for the transfer of work, Mr. Wang Yi resigned as director of the company, technical product director duties. While resignation as well as staff supervisors Wu Dianjun, the reason is still due to work arrangements. In addition, more than 20 days after the listing of the Bank of Guiyang announced that the Board considered and approved the appointment of Liang Zongmin, Zhang Wei, deputy governor of the Bank of Guiyang, Limited by Share Ltd. The outgoing executives, some executives just took office in the first quarter of this year, only about half a year, in which the Bank of IPO after the success of the listing of the news of the sudden departure of the natural cause of market concern. The regulatory requirements for nearly three years without major changes "in fact, high Dong supervisor after the listing of the second speech" retire after winning merit also has no theory相关的主题文章: