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After 90 to join the army to buy a house to rely on their parents to contribute to the family battle cosmax

After 90 to join the army to buy a house to rely on their parents to invest in the family after the battle began to work on the one after another, but also began to join the army. Yangcheng Evening News reporter survey found that the current property market, although 70, 80 still accounted for the main part of the absolute, but after 90 buyers also began to have a strong sense of presence". In an interview with reporters, there are 90 revealed that college students accounted for more than 20% buyers. The common feature of their home ownership is that parents give absolute financial support. The phenomenon of 90 joined the real force at the beginning of September, in July this year just graduated from the University of Guangzhou from a 90 Fujian Boy Soldier (a pseudonym) joined the Guangzhou showings army. All this seems surprising – because every day flooded in the vicinity of the housing market in the whirlpool, he could not help but ahead of their own purchase schedule. The soldier felt themselves and their classmates and friends, have a lot of reason. "Graduation with my classmates, some directly to the parents took 600 thousand yuan for the first payment, in the city to buy a set of second-hand housing price of nearly 1 million 700 thousand yuan; and one after graduation to work in Shanghai, students simply let it help a friend, when in Guangzhou optimistic about the real notice her, she invested in a set come from Shanghai." The soldier told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter: "I am the student in Shanghai Hukou is still in Guangzhou, she believes that compared with other first-tier cities, housing prices in Guangzhou is still in the depression, the appreciation potential may be higher than that of the other city." After graduating from college, soldier to a cultural unit, not surprisingly, his annual total income will be 100 thousand yuan. Previously, he had wanted to wait until after the economic accumulation and then slowly showings, Guangzhou property market has continued to improve the performance of the market, so he worried. Feeling a few months time, the price increase is more than one year’s income!" The soldier said, "whether at work or work around, people are talking about the house." The soldier said. And the soldier together to colleagues, directly in Dongpu to buy a set of two rooms, the reason is that the feeling of Guangzhou prices will rise. See people around you in the hand, is also out of fear. In less than two months to participate in the work, he will use the weekend showings everywhere. And the soldier, also graduated in July this year, Qian Qian (a pseudonym) also joined the ranks of showings. She told reporters that a total of more than and 20 students in their class, only she knows, there are 5 people have to buy a house or ready to buy a house. But it is worth mentioning that, in an interview with reporters, some of them adhere to their own view of the rental. "I think the rent is good, to pay the rent income now, the pressure is not great, travel every year can also take down the money savings." 90 Ding Jie (a pseudonym) told reporters that her parents had no money to finance their purchases, and he didn’t want to be slaves, so as not to buy. After 90 money (not his real name) also said that as long as the future does not force his mother to buy a house, he will not buy a house. "It is, parents do not have the money to support, and he didn’t have the economic ability." He also said that there is nothing in the world that goes up and down, including housing prices. Especially compared with many developed countries, china.相关的主题文章: