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A new Goldbach conjecture on Chinese asset prices 19ise.com

Chinese asset prices of new Goldbach conjecture the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Chen Zhilong "when a market price is not valued in the annual and quarterly, but in every minute, day to calculate, we may face is an extremely dangerous market, but there are still many people in the all in this golden age, plunge into the gamble, this is human crazy." Chinese asset price of new Nanjing Goldbach conjecture a multitemporal ST is the suspension of the company by selling two sets of Beijing District recorded a profit of about 20000000, re energized, the success of Paul shell. Then a piece hand baggage, said the new topic of the 2016 Nobel prize in economics Chinese: more than 50% of the profits of listed companies is not deep in the north to buy a house, but sold 1% of the shares is enough to buy a few sets, please Chinese demonstration of the property market and the stock market bubble which is bigger, this is a Chinese asset price "the new song the Debach conjecture". Big city fivry property prices are showing a race each other, race against time, huoshaolianying, accelerating to catch the top situation. There are reports that the world’s largest cities in China accounted for half of the increase in housing prices, Shenzhen is the second highest in the world, last week in the sale of the new disc rose within a week of $18 thousand. On Sunday, bright blind your eyes, "the love of Shenzhen struggle group" overseas Chinese town launched 6 square meters hardcover small apartment layout, "to print out of print, print life space, low power struggle Shenzhen family settled in Shenzhen, the price of how low? 880 thousand, oh, 146 thousand and 666 yuan per square meter price out of print. Shanghai, Hangzhou real estate transaction bursting, trading system has "Ge You lies" – paralyzed. Sometimes a few minutes to clinch a deal suite, this session of the real estate trading system does not seem true. Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and other places hard to find a room when the "flour" floor price higher than the "bread", "sell bread" sold to buy back found bread flour, simply try not to sell. So, grab bread to Yao Hao, grab flour to Yao Hao, Shanghai friends joked that test true love divorce is not far away from the wave number is estimated! Shake shake shake shake shake! This market ate ecstasy, playing chicken like mad. I think of an investment guru said: "when a market price is not in the annual and quarterly valuation, but in every minute, day to calculate, we may face is an extremely dangerous market, but there are still many people all plunge to participate in this flourishing gamble, this is the madness of human nature." Real estate in China’s urban household assets accounted for more than 70% of the configuration, the average appreciation of the past more than and 10 years, an average of 4 – 5 times, even reached the first tier cities. Now, the parties continue to blindly chase high real estate, which is a long-term rise, the huge wealth effect under the stimulus of overconfidence and self paralysis. The real estate industry Chinese two high leverage than any industry, once some day in the future housing prices stop rising into the broad period of adjustment, high leverage and rush to the emergency room will be in a very passive. The risk of liquidity mismatch and the risk of a permanent loss of leverage相关的主题文章: