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A hundred 90 women play foreign customers cheat cheat Chinese News – Sohu www.yeah.net

A hundred 90 women play "foreign customers" cheat cheat Chinese Sohu news recently, Jiangxi police have uncovered large telecommunications fraud. Involved more than 90, they all hide in the shops and houses, with "female students" status, play the role of "customers", through Internet chat for Chinese target fraud. On the network, they are in Australia, "female students" status, play the role of "customers", looking for Chinese target. In reality, they hide in the shops, houses, all with curtains to cover, eating lunch, outsiders do not know what they do business. In fact, they are large telecommunications fraud gangs and establish dens, in the domestic implementation of telecommunications network fraud, according to the overseas chinese. September 7, 2016, the Jiangxi police will be Gang "even the end of the nest". The case involving Jiangxi, Liaoning, Guangxi, Shanghai and other four provinces (city) seven counties (city), police destroyed a total of 14 fraud dens, arrested by liaomou Gang headed 110 members, at present, the case is under further investigation. A police handling of the "Beijing time" said the gang leader Liu is 26 years old, the 90 "boss" of the car is a car, Martha Lahti. Police arrested the scene photo. Small shop hidden more than and 40 people "work" in September 7, 2016, Jiangxi Guangchang County Mong Kok District 3 building, first floor and upstairs two stores three seized by the local public security office. On the same day, hundreds of police took more than 40 young men and women from here. Guangchang County Public Security Bureau has seized the local dens. These young people from last year’s Dragon Boat Festival came here to work, but the outside world never know what the shop is engaged in business, and never customers to visit. Just know that inside next door neighbours "work" the young people from the field, and did not understand the dialect or mandarin. A neighbor next door told "Beijing time": "more than and 20 year old young people, dressed in fashion, to work every day at about seven or eight in the morning, leaving work at p.m.. At noon there will be a few people come out to buy food packaged back." This shop does not have any name numbers, one was the shop decoration neighbors: "a building empty, only painted the walls and floor tiles, the two floor is the three office, two of which opened into a large office, laying wire, decoration spent a total of forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan." The neighbors said, after a good decoration, the windows here are all thick curtains in a glass door, building a total of four fans, but only a day by a foreign import, middle-aged man by other glass doors are closed. According to reports, here a store rent around 2000 yuan. "S technology" shop hidden in more than 40 young men and women, they only know the neighbors in this "work", but do not know what they are engaged in business. In April and May this year, the store on the outside of the gate posted a billboard "s technology", also indicate the "construction site" business undertaking. There was a neighbor wanted to go in and see, but the door was guarding the door shut. "It’s too mysterious." More than a year, there are nearby residents.相关的主题文章: