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A Guide To Stop Falling Asleep While Driving-zznba

Business Dangers while driving: When you are driving over the road, you are entitled to a lot of dangers. These include using your phone while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs and the least and most dangerous of all, the habit of falling asleep while driving. The last one may happen to any person who is driving under some stress or tiredness. Driving under influence and using your phone while driving are pretty known issues and are taken care of by the authorities by legislating some preventive laws and other regulations. Falling asleep while driving may happen to any driver and is the most dangerous as the driver has no idea what he is getting into. Using your phone while you are driving is a newer fashion yet it is very notorious. Even then the percentage of accidents occurring as a result of this carelessness is very low. On the other hand, the percentage of people getting into car accidents as a result of driving under any kind of substance influence or falling asleep while driving tells are much scarier story. Unfortunately all those accidental events that happened to take place when the driver fell asleep while driving included some very fatal injuries and deaths. Some stats: Some of the real time statistics about road accidents are mentioned in the following lines. According to a survey and research work conducted by a website, it is estimated by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA that on an approximation, it may be said that 100,000 road accidents reported to the police every year involve fatigue and/ or drowsiness as the root cause of the event. According to an estimation, these accidental events result in as many as 71000 injuries and 1500 fatalities every year. The approximate damage may be estimated to almost 12.5 billion US dollars. When someone else is sleeping in the car, the driver is likely to get an effect from their sleepy vibes which may cause the eyes of the driver close, their mind to be drifted off and their focus and attention to be distracted. Usual tricks to avoid sleeping while driving: There are some usual tricks of avoiding falling asleep while driving. These include chewing gum, pinching yourself, blasting the radio and opening the windows a bit. According to the experts, none of these tricks have a good rate of success. The only guaranteed thing to work all the time is taking a break from driving and getting a nap for a little while. When you take a nap in such a scenario, the body keeps reminding your senses that you have to finish the drive. Care should be taken that when you want to pull your car over for taking a nap, you should park it in a safe place like a parking lot or a rest area. Pulling your car over by the side of the road is a very unsafe option as your car may get hit by some other car from the rear side eventually. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: