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911 the 15 anniversary of the event as the 4 people that the terrorist attack ability strong www.q1se.com

911 the 15 anniversary of the event as the 4 people that the terrorist attack ability strong [Abstract] Pugh Research Center recently released a poll showed that 40% of Americans believe that, compared with 15 years ago, the terrorists have more powerful ability to attack the United States, the proportion of new highs this poll in 14 years. The United States to mourn the victims on anti-terrorism gain and loss "9· 11" terrorist attack 15 anniversary approaching, across the United States have held activities to mourn the victims, with the loss of 15 years in the United States to counter reflection. President Obama announced on 9 September 9th this year to 11 days for the National Memorial Day, called on the people to prayer, silence, bells, candlelight vigil, visit the Memorial Hall Memorial form "9· 11" incident victims. The police public memorial in Washington D.C. Columbia Qi, 9, the U.S. House of Representatives held a brief ceremony in the house of mourning, "9· 11" incident victims. The same day, the U.S. Department of defense held a memorial ceremony in the central courtyard of The Pentagon. 11, The Pentagon "9· 11" memorial park will hold another memorial, President Obama, Secretary of defense Carter, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Deng Fude will attend the ceremony, the silence for the victims and to lay a wreath. In New York, in 9, Piper and drummer lead, New York city police uniforms marched in Manhattan, police killed the monument held a ceremony in memory of "9· police killed 11" incident. This is the first time since the New York police department, "9·, 11" event held a parade. The 11 day in New York, "9· 11" Memorial Plaza, will be held once a year "Nian" mourning — silence and read out the names of the victims of nearly 3000. Democratic presidential candidate, former New York Senator Hilary · Clinton will attend the ceremony. She and the Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump said the campaign will be on this day suspended his campaign. After the memorial ceremony, "9· 11" memorial square will be open until midnight for people to pay homage. In addition, 11, West Point students will be held in the vicinity of the Wall Street concert, playing the first one minute short song 15. "9· 11" National Memorial Museum of art exhibition will be held for the first time to commemorate the "9· 11" 15 anniversary of the event, including painting, sculpture, video display, 13 artists participating in the attack or have lost relatives or friends, or have witnessed the New York World Trade Center (Twin Towers) was collapsed. The world security situation is more dangerous? Recently, a number of U.S. agencies, the media on the 9· 11 event to the United States on the eve of the anti terrorist gains and losses reflect on the 15. United States, "9· 11" incident investigation committee, one of the joint chairman Thomas · Kean recently said that although the United States has not suffered another "9· 11" incident such a major terrorist plum相关的主题文章: