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8 provinces environmental inspectors released feedback all environmental debts which – new network jslottery

8 provinces environmental inspectors released "feedback all environmental debts which? Beijing, Beijing, November 24 (reporter Zhang Ni), 23, with the central group of environmental inspectors to Yunnan feedback inspectors situation, this year the first batch of central environmental inspectors feedback has been released. Currently, including Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu and other 8 provinces, more than 3400 people have been held accountable, some provinces have been approved by the inspectors group environmental protection is not as chaotic, as slow as. Source: Ministry of environmental protection website 8 provinces accountability number over 3400 Henan province accountability over thousands of Jiangsu nearly billion "green ticket in July 2016 this year the first batch of 8 Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate have been stationed in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia, to carry out environmental protection work for inspectors a month. According to the recent feedback content, the total number of eight people have been responsible for the current has reached 3422 people. Among them, Henan province is the largest number of accountability, reached 1231, followed by Heilongjiang Province, there are 13 Party organizations, 20 units and 560 people were accountable, Ningxia total accountability of 105 people, eight provinces in the minimum number of accountability. In addition to the relevant responsible person to conduct interviews, accountability, and provinces have opened the "green ticket". For example, as of now, Jiangsu province has gone through 2451 environmental report, ordered rectification 2712 enterprises, 1384 filing penalties, the penalty amount reached 97 million 500 thousand yuan. Data figure: the depths of the Tengger Desert, a depression is a magical small lake, was developed into a tourist attraction, but because of the intensified exploitation of groundwater, the increasingly shrinking lakes. Chen Jie photo source: CFP vision Chinese to save environmental protection is not as chaotic as slow as the feedback of Tengger Desert pollution Ningxia accountable ineffective was named the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate given that environmental protection is not as chaotic as slow as a common phenomenon. For example, Jiangxi is the central fourth Environmental Protection Inspectorate group refers to environmental protection is not as chaotic as a prominent problem". Leping municipal government in violation of "sewage fee collection regulations", from 2012 to 2014, several financial funds for 36 companies pay sewage charges 11 million 470 thousand yuan. Nanchang city environmental protection in violation of the relevant provisions of the state and Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Chenming paper to support expansion of the two phase of the project, and the requirements of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to re submit the EIA approval procedures. Henan also exists as an environmental protection, slow as a problem. Henan province’s oil and gas recovery deadlines as inspectors are delayed, nearly half of the task did not complete. Ningxia accused in the Tengger Desert pollution, Helan Mountain National Nature Protection Area of ecological damage and other serious environmental problems, the implementation of the accountability of grassroots regulators, not from the decision-making and other aspects of the approval of retroactive liability." In addition, more than 70 Provincial Industrial Park in Yunnan Province, there are no centralized pollution control facilities built in 57. During the period of 12th Five-Year, Yunnan province received a total of 2 special funds for the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution and mine geological environment restoration相关的主题文章: