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Should You Buy A Nikon Camera, Or Go With A Canon Usa Camera-法拉利599gto

Arts-and-Entertainment Pepsi or Coke? Harry Potter or Twilight? Apple or Windows? Nikon or Canon? For me, it’s Pepsi, Harry Potter and Apple hands down, but the last one is a stumper. Is one really better than the other? Is Apple really better than Windows? Well… technically not. It’s a matter of taste and opinion. The same goes for the other two. There’s no conclusive evidence to prove that one brand is superior to the other; on the contrary, everything to be said about their cameras suggests the opposite. Each is a multi-billion dollar .pany, so obviously neither make or sell bad products. They use the same materials — one does not impregnate its cameras with fairy dust, thereby creating a magical photography tool to rule all others. Some people prefer Nikon DSLRs and Canon .pact digital cameras, while others like Canon DSLRs and Nikon point-and-shoots. And yes, some people are brand-snobs; some would never deign to touch a Canon, while others spit on Nikons. The truth is you’ll probably be able to find exactly what you need with either a Nikon or a Canon. They have a habit of releasing new cameras months within each other, always trying to top one another, but typically ending up with pretty similar products. They all have different specs, and that’s what you should really be focusing on. What kind of lens do you want? What’s the minimum resolution you’re willing to work with? What sort of ISO range are you looking for? Do you want to be able to shoot movies with this camera? Make a list of what specs you want, and then do some research to find out which cameras feature them. Once you’ve got a few to choose from, go to a photography store where you can test them all out. See how they all feel in your hand — is one heavier than what you’re looking for? Is one too clunky, or perhaps awkwardly shaped? Make note of how wel.ing the user interface is, and where all the buttons are in relation to your fingers. You probably won’t be able to get a great idea of how the flash works, but that’s why reading as many user reviews of the model as you can is a good idea. Once you’ve chosen one, you can either buy it right there in the store, or hold off and go online to find a site that sells discount Canon and Nikon digital cameras. You could also look into refurbished Nikon and Canon cameras, which are usually much less expensive than their brand-new counterparts. A refurbished camera is one that has been returned to a store by a buyer, and is then retested and re-certified. Refurbished cameras are typically barely or unused. If you do decide to buy a refurbished camera, make sure it’s "factory" refurbished and has a parts and labor warranty. Also check to make sure that it .es with all the accessories it included when bought new are included with the refurbished model. Whatever method you use to buy your new digital camera, remember: it’s not about brand, it’s about quality and having a camera that fits your needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: