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Synthetic And Natural Sources Of Folic Acid-helmet怎么读

Ironically, synthetic folic acid supplement has more bioavailability than natural sources of folic acid. This is only a slight difference in most foods. In others like corn, which needs to be processed in order for the folates to be absorbed by the human body, it can mean the difference between sufficient and insufficient intake levels of this water soluble B vitamin. In fact spinach leaves were used as a source of folate extract by 1941, the initial source having been yeast extract which Dr.Lucy Willis found in the 1930’s to be useful in preventing anemia during pregnancy. In light of the fact that folate .es from folium, the Latin word for leaf, it is an interesting bit of nutritional trivia. Since 1998 when it became mandatory to enrich all United States grain products with folic acid these have been adding about 100 mcg per day or folic acid to the average American diet. Naturally it follows that people who load up on extra grains will have a slightly higher intake of folic acid. It is also true that certain grains contain more folic acid and that some cereals are fortified to greater degree than others. Like many other nutrients, folic acid is available in large amounts in organ meat. It is contained in particularly large amounts in turkey and chicken livers. Spinach is not the only leafy vegetable to be a good source of folic acid. Romaine lettuce, collards and to some degree iceberg lettuce, all supply folic acid. Other foods that supply folic acid include beans, broccoli, peas, peanuts, wheat germ, cantaloupe and bananas. Considering the vital importance of folic acid in the prevention of neurol tube defects(NTD) which tend to occur between the 21st and 27th week of gestation, the intake of folic acid during the month before and the month after conception has been studied and found to be highly preventive. It is also important to note the severity if the type of birth defect that is included under this blanket term. NTD’s include spina bifida, or opening in the spine; anencephaly, missing part of the brain; and cleft palate, opening in the oral palate. It has been less than a decade since the United States implemented mandatory fortification of grain products. In the first few years after the initial mandate on January 1, 1998 the statistical rate of NTD’s dropped by 25% in the U.S. according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. More studies and the passing of time may reveal more useful data. To be sure there are many many ways to gain folic acid from the foods that you get in the grocery store in order to meet your RDA of folic acid. In adults the RDA happens to be four hundred micrograms daily and at least six hundred micrograms daily in those pregnant, who could be.e pregnant and lactating women. If you do decide to take a supplement to ensure you meet your RDA don’t take more than one thousand micrograms a day as it could be harmful. 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