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How Omega 3 And 6 Fish Oils Can Save Your Life!-海思k3v2

Health Nowadays Omega 3 and Omega 6 fish oils are old news and many people are a bit blas about them. They are not the latest, trendy, thing any more. Why should YOU be looking into them more closely RIGHT NOW? Let me tell you a story. I know of a couple who owned a timber yard in a county town my state down here in Australia. The couple were long term business people and quite clear in their own mind about things. Not really open to new information. A friend of mind knew them well and talked with them about nutrition for weight control and Fish Oils for cardiovascular support. They were not interested. The wife found she had blood pressure problems that seemed to get worse and worse so the nutrition discussion happened again with the same out.es. Finally the health issues became acute and her doctor did tests that showed severe blockages in the arteries. The doctor organized an urgent operation and she had a triple bypass. Problem solved, apparently. To support the operation there were medical checkups to keep an eye on things and over a fairly short period the problems resurfaced. Finally the doctor sat the lady down and told her that the new arteries were blocking and if she did not do something about it there were no medical options available to her and she was likely to die. This was enough to open up the discussions about nutritional products for weight loss and, more specifically, Omega 3 fish oil products. She used these products and within a few months received extremely pleasing news from a medical checkup. He doctors told her that the blood flow had cleared in the new arteries they had given her and the crisis had been averted. What they were confused about though, and they could not explain, was that the arteries that they had bypassed had also cleared and giving quite reasonable blood flow! This is worth pondering. If you check out what is available, you can determine what might be useful for your personal situation. You can then use everything that is safe to use to assist with cardiovascular issues BEFORE there is a crisis requiring medical intervention. A bit of time in research and few dollars spent on quality nutrition products seems to a sensible option to ignoring the problem and then having to have an operation or suffer with a heart attack or a stroke. There are a range of sources of Omega 3 & 6 on the market, not just fish oils, and there is a huge range of qualities. If you are going to use fish oil it needs to be from deep sea, cold water, fish or you will be getting the oils but not the out.es. I also needs to be free of mercury and heavy metals so it does not bring its own contamination. With results like we have been talking about you can see it is time for you to do your own research, check things out, get the information, as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you are faced with medical intervention to deal with impending health problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: