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Free Inter. Marketing Training By Brian Mcelroy – Information Marketing Mastery (pt1)-dnf商人吧

Information Marketing Mastery is an internet marketing package that covers many topics, and will be launch on August 20th. I personally like product launches. Not really because of all the emails that fill my inbox, but because there is often some free training you can get before the product be.es live. Brian McElroy has put a free training page filled with techniques you can implement right now. You can watch videos and download a free report called "How To Get Paid for Everything". This article will tell you a bit more about the points made inside this report. I already liked the intro of the report, there are some truth there : when you start, you have a lot of work and study but you’re not getting any money from this, or pennies per hour. But Brian McElroy didn’t stay there, and now is a 6 figure earners, so let’s see what he’s made for you (ok, us). – Focus on your talents or skills. These must be talents or skills that you get paid for. Few examples are given (copywriting, web design…) – Do something that is sure to produce money, not something you’re passionate about. That’s a myth I’ve known for some time now, I think Chris Rempel also states that in one of his product. You may have been told that you can write articles or build a website on your passion, but if there is no money spent in that niche you’re not going to make a killing online. Brian McElroy says be passionate about life, not your work. So you need create money to enjoy life, the suggestion made here is to create your own products. – Fail. You must fail as fast as possible. Right, this is how you can see where your strenghts are and how you can learn fast too. – Learn core skills, meet key people. Here Brian tells you about going to the top as fast as possible, by learning directly from the masters instead of buying all little ebooks after ebooks. I can see what he means, basically you can get the best knowledge in one time if you go to a seminar. Sure many of us don’t want to invest few thousands because we all see a spending as a loss of money instead of an investment. But sure live training by the top guys in a field gives you an edge and a return on investment way bigger. But when you think about it, all the training costs you may have go through could have pay you a live coaching program. I know it would for me. – Be.e an expert. Accept to be one, convince yourself ! If you’re perceived as an expert you can get paid a lot more for what you do. – "Treat your clients and customers like gold" – This should tell you enough. This has to do with over delivering, giving more than your clients expected, and always make them feel special. – The next point is "Find people who value your skills more than you do". You may have skilled that you can offer to others. This means having a service that is valuable to others. It may not be valuable to you, but can certainly help someone else who will pay you for it. We’ll deal with other Information Marketing tips in the second part of this article. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: