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6 fashion gift Qiao Renliang gave to Joe Chen, sadly sigh. www.1234567.com

6 pieces of fashion gifts to Joe Chen Qiao Renliang, the 28 year old Qiao Renliang sadly sigh in September 16th, due to the sudden death of depression, caused a great disturbance in the entertainment industry. Oh, it’s a pity! Since then, the entertainment industry and a warm heart. Why is Qiao Renliang warm? Look back on the gifts Qiao Renliang gave to Joe Chen over the years to see if he can warm up to your heart! April 4, 2015, Joe Chen birthday, Qiao Renliang took her in the circle of friends to see the purple bag bought her. In February 16, 2015, Qiao Renliang sent the pink black knight of Joe Chen wearing a helmet. In the photo, she was wearing black pants sitting cross legged, wearing pink helmet over the whole face, cute. On Christmas day in 2014, Joe Chen received a huge plush teddy bear from Qiao Renliang. The card said, "take care, take care of yourself, protect yourself, lonely time to accompany you, merry christmas"…… At that time, Joe Chen in the photo looked happy. In May 2011, Joe Chen attended the event, Qiao Renliang disguised as a wolf to send surprise. In March 2011, Qiao Renliang sent Joe Chen a pink pig Siamese pajamas, adorable #% over $**& in May 2010, Qiao Renliang sent Joe Chen a "genius on the left, right" the madman in the book, this book is his love! If these gifts are for you, can you warm your heart? Hey! Everyone was willing to hekan back, years of quiet, secular stability!相关的主题文章: