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Attention! National day starts, Haikou Binhai Avenue two crossings open left turn-瀬名アスカ

Attention! National Day started Haikou Binhai Road two intersection open left South China Sea, South China Sea network client Haikou September 26th news (South China Sea network reporter Chen Lina correspondent Li Shenglan) recently, the traffic police detachment of Haikou City Public Security Bureau decided that since October 1st this year since 7, opening up Binhai Avenue and Pearl Road (Yulan Road), Binhai Avenue and East Road (world trade the road) intersection turn left, then please past drivers pay attention to traffic according to the traffic signal lights and traffic signs, marking instructions. (schematic diagram) according to the introduction, since the express highway was opened to traffic, the urban road traffic pressure has been effectively alleviated, and the role of the decomposition of traffic flow has become increasingly prominent. After the actual calculation, the main roads such as Binhai Avenue, morning and evening peak traffic flow has decreased. In order to improve the coastal road along the road traffic capacity, convenient public travel, Haikou police departments from August 10th onwards, the Binhai Avenue and Pearl Road (Yulan Road), Binhai Avenue and East Road (the road), the Binhai Road and Wenhua Road (Bauhinia Road) 3 intersection traffic organization adjustment, every night to 21:00 the next day 7:00 left open.

注意啦!国庆节开始海口滨海大道两路口开放左转   南海网、南海网客户端海口9月26日消息(南海网记者陈丽娜通讯员李盛兰)近日,海口市公安局交通警察支队研究决定,自今年10月1日7时起,开放滨海大道与明珠路(玉兰路)、滨海大道与世贸东路(世贸北路)交叉路口左转弯,届时请过往司机朋友注意按照交通信号灯和交通标志、标线指示通行。 (示意图)   据介绍,海秀快速路通车以来,有效缓解了城市道路交通压力,分解车流作用日益凸显。经过实际测算,滨海大道等主要干道早晚高峰车流量有所减少。为提升滨海大道沿线路口通行能力,方便市民出行,海口公安交警部门从8月10日起,对滨海大道与明珠路(玉兰路)、滨海大道与世贸东路(世贸北路)、滨海大道与文华路(紫荆路)3处交叉路口交通组织进行调整,每天夜间21:00至次日7:00开放左转。相关的主题文章: