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Nanjing, a 4 year old child was knocked down by a motor vehicle traffic police found the mother bear-sql server 2000 个人版

Nanjing, a 4 year old child was knocked down by electric vehicles, traffic police identified his mother responsible for an electric car knocked down a 4 year old baby, the police have decided that the main responsibility is the child guardian, which is the matter? Recently, this happened in Dachang street, Liuhe District, Nanjing. From the surveillance video, you can see that the electric bicycle was traveling normally along the non motorized lane, and the child and his mother came out of the store next door. At this point, the car came up on the motor lane, the car down the baby’s grandmother, after the children saw grandma, suddenly across the non motorized lane, and now the electric car has been too late to take measures, and then hit a child. After the accident, the traffic police will be the first time the children rushed to the hospital, fortunately, the child just some scratches crotch. In the ordinary view, this traffic accident, the electric car hit people, the car is mainly responsible, but the Nanjing ten Traffic Police Brigade police tune to see surveillance, made this responsibility: to the mother of the child (i.e. the child’s guardian) the main responsibility of electric vehicle owners because the observation on the road by negligence the secondary responsibility. However, at that time, the child’s mother did not agree with the result, and refused to sign the accident confirmation. Nanjing traffic police ten brigade police: and then we talked to her, she went back to think, and then in the afternoon with a friend came over, the accident confirmation Book taken away, and then we also carried on her education. Police remind, preschool children on the road, parents must be good guide, let the children in their controllable guardianship range. In addition to the road, in the absence of car flow in the community should pay special attention to.

南京一4岁孩子被电动车撞倒 交警认定其母负主责 一辆电动车撞倒一个4岁娃,警方却判定主责是孩子监护人,这是咋回事呢?最近,在南京市六合区大厂街道就发生了这样一件事。从监控视频可以看到,电动自行车本来沿着非机动车道里面正常行驶,而这个小孩和他母亲从旁边的店里面出来。此时机动车道上过来了一辆汽车,车上下来了小孩的奶奶,小孩看到奶奶以后,突然之间就横穿非机动车道,而此时电动车已经来不及采取措施,然后就撞上了小孩。事故发生后,交警第一时间将孩子送往医院,幸运的是,孩子只是胯部有些擦伤。在常人看来,这起交通事故中,电动车撞了人,车主要负主要责任,但南京交警十大队的民警调看监控后,做出了这样的定责:给孩子的母亲(即孩子的监护人)定了主要责任,电动车主因为对路面情况疏忽观察,被定了次要责任。然而当时,孩子的母亲对这个认定结果并不认同,并且拒绝在事故认定书上签字。南京交警十大队民警:然后我们给她讲了下,她回去想了想,然后下午又跟一个朋友过来把事故认定书拿走了,后来我们也对她进行了教育。警方提醒,学龄前儿童上路,家长一定要做好引导,让孩子在自己可控的监护范围内。除了马路上,在没有人车分流的小区里也要格外注意。相关的主题文章: