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Foreign media said the United States is related to the China camera assembly site downtime-巴雷特m82a1

Foreign media said the United States with Chinese website downtime camera component on American website downtime associated with China camera components?   Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, the day before, a massive Internet paralysis swept the country, a number of well-known websites including twitter, Amazon, Paypal, unable to login. Security researchers said, arch-criminal caused the network outage may be digital video camera and Internet of things — including a large number of devices connected to the Internet, these devices may be used for hijacked by hackers, and that these products involved most components manufactured by China company. The local time this Friday, the domain name server management services provider Dyn from malicious software attacks, these attacks led down dozens of sites, it began to recover after 2.5 hours after. Security research firm Flashpoint investigation department head Allison · Nixon (Allison Nixon) said, these things are components by a Chinese company called XiongMai Technologies production, they are usually used in other brands of equipment, including hardware equipment factory set the encoding. It is reported that the control of these devices malware named Mirai. Mirai malware source code developed by the anonymous, and open this month. Mirai software can infect all kinds of loopholes in the Internet of things devices, including security cameras, DVR and Internet routers, etc.. Through malicious infection, these networking devices will become a zombie network in the broiler device, and is used to implement large-scale DDoS attacks. Security expert Bruce · (Bruce Schneier), said the attack may be associated with a series of DDoS attacks earlier this month, there is no correlation between the attacks. But the security site Krebs on Security has a record of this, and confirm that they are Mirai botnet. This attack, perhaps just to fulfill the security experts warned: there is a risk of things. However, there seems to be no good way to avoid a repeat of similar events. (compile if water)  相关的主题文章: