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Changchun 149 bus new car fare was ordered to restore the original price of 2 yuan-dnf商人吧

Changchun 149 bus car 2 yuan fare was ordered to restore the original price after the car stopped the ballot box marked price two dollars, this let Mr. Qi always take 149 bus trip wondering why prices suddenly rose up? In October 28th, the public Mr. Qi reflected, he took the 149 bus fare 2 is a new car, but the car fare is one yuan. Why is the new car fare different? It makes him feel not understand. October 31st, the public often reflect the lady, 149 bus fares also returned to a new car, if the credit card is $1.6. The car fares passengers do not recognize Mr. Qi at 6 every day on time to work out the early morning of October 28th just boarded the 149 bus, saw on the ballot box with a piece of content, is because the bus car, the car changed to two yuan fare. "I asked the driver why receive two dollars, said the driver of this car, the regulations of the company after receiving two dollars." Mr. Qi and the other passengers are finding it hard to accept. Qi believes that if the normal price, should advance notice or publicity. If it is decided to increase the price of management research, the passengers did not comment. For this, we can not accept the price not clear. Line extension and new car prices have been reported to the competent authorities of the new car fare rise is what reason? October 28th, the reporter with the head of the 149 bus team to get in touch with Mr. song. On price increases, Mr. Song responded: price is the decision of the company. Due to our new green new energy air conditioning, a total replacement of 24 new cars, the car market price of $about 600000, the usual maintenance costs are quite high. Not only that, we also built their own charging station, the relevant facilities also spent a lot of money." For fare increases, Mr. Song said another reason for the price increase is the extension of the line, has been publicized in the media. These two points, we have made the decision to raise prices. If still according to the previous one yuan fare, it can not maintain normal operation." Mr. Song said that there are 6 old cars are not yet expired, the fare is still one yuan. The fare back to a credit card machine yuan also brush 1.6 yuan in October 31st, the public Ms. Chang reflected, she once again take the 149 bus car that is one yuan coin. "There was a white paper on the ballot box and the ticket was restored to $1. But credit card or 1.6 yuan." Ms. Chang said, she even two day, October 30th morning bus fare found recovery for a yuan, her credit card after the car. Many passengers on the bus are talking about the fare. Later, a passenger on the train after the driver asked, why is one yuan coin, credit card or 1.6 yuan?" Ms. Chang said that after she finished brushing the card did not see how much money, there are careful passengers found 1.6 yuan credit card, she knew he spent more money. Many of the passengers on the car expressed dissatisfaction with the card. Why fares back to one yuan, the price of credit card car has not yet recovered? Price behavior was stopped by the credit card machine is re commissioning yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned through the Changchun local road transport authority Bus Management Office相关的主题文章: