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Quanzhou provincial Rainstorm Day three vehicles collided people trapped in front of the driver card-驯龙高手dm456

Quanzhou provincial Rainstorm Day three car collision people trapped in the driver card in front of 13 pm yesterday, the provincial highway 206 line Quanzhou Anxi County town of stone wall village by Udon lattice Road, a truck and a bus collided, beside a moped could not escape death, accidents caused by people trapped. After the incident, Quanzhou Anxi fire, traffic police, 120 emergency centers and other relevant departments rushed to the scene. Firefighters on the bus to see, found a total of three people on the car, the driver card in the front, a woman was pressed behind the driver, as well as a man injured feet. Prior to this, the ambulance has rescued two passengers and a booster car children. According to the scene, firefighters put the man lift off, and then press the clawed hands of the women’s body seat, rescued the trapped woman. The bus driver was stuck in the cab, the fire brigade first cut with scissors to cut off the seat belt, and then move back, and finally get stuck together to get off the driver. From the scene staff understand that the accident may be due to the storm, the truck bound for Anxi, through the downhill road, slipping out of control hit the bus, and then because of inertia and hit the booster car. At present, the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation. Herald reporter Guo Bingde correspondent Chen Zhenjie Xu Zhenta相关的主题文章: