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The man stole the car sale reward female anchor to hear a word of thanks to handsome gift – Chongqin-乃々果花

The man stole the car sale reward female anchor: to hear a word of thanks to handsome gift – Chongqing channel, people.com.cn webcast is more and more popular, in order to get the color of high value, talent more anchor attention, is one of the most simple way to anchor the gift. Although these gifts are virtual, but it is to use real money to buy, hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, not a small number. The 23 year old Lee love usually live on YY platform to watch the live anchors, in order to get a woman’s attention, not what money he had at the end of August and early September even stole two new cars, after sale brought to anchor their gifts. Although in the network has been the anchor of the "thank you", but in reality he was punished by the law. October 12th, Lee on suspicion of theft has been approved by the Yubei District procuratorate arrest. New car parking lot stolen things from August 23rd that day. 3 pm the same day, Yubei District Yue to a new car parking lot, a new Ford Mondeo in waiting to be loaded onto trucks, was a young man to start running. This guy is Lee, he worked in the logistics company for two months, just quit. However, for the presence of other people, because every day a lot of new cars in and out of the parking lot, in order to facilitate transport, car keys are placed on the car. They didn’t even notice that Lee had left the car, and he would not have thought that he would have left the car. After a period of time, we see light suddenly, hurried over to the police station to wyatt. While the police investigation, the evening of September 3rd 9, the parking lot car theft happen again — a Ford: SUV was missing. Compared to the last time, the parking lot has also strengthened the guard, all the car keys are installed in an envelope, and put it in the first floor of an office. That night, Lee see no key, it went directly to the office of the office only to find the key in the light. Lee knew the configuration of high car usually with smart key, he found a smart key, lock out according to, see a white light: SUV, ran to put the car away. The police retrieved surveillance arrested suspects two stolen car, car market price of 189 thousand yuan, the market price of 239 thousand and 800 yuan. Video surveillance of Yubei District Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment through the investigation and the transfer of the scene along the way, found the suspect Lee in the first car, drove to the nearby hongqihegou turntable, a restaurant still stopped. We immediately rushed to the restaurant to understand the situation, I did not expect to get an important clue." The Criminal Investigation Detachment of eight brigade of the police, the suspect Lee was working in the restaurant, the day Lee is to former colleagues borrowed 100 yuan refueling. Through the restaurant staff, the police understand Lee’s personal identity information – 23 years old, Hebei, Shijiazhuang, now living in Chongqing. In addition, he also found that in 2015 there was a motorcycle theft convictions, just released from prison six months. Police immediately launched a further investigation aimed at Lee, found that he has a recent record in Guizhou, Tongzi. Drive to Tongzi相关的主题文章: