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48 year old girl who started to pull the black car drivers will sexual assault (video)-pt100分度表ֶȱ�

48 year old girl who started to pull the black car drivers will: Assault Heilongjiang TV reported that the occurrence of a vicious incident in Heilongjiang Lanxi County recently, a girl who started riding a black house after school, was the driver of the black car to a graveyard of rape. The morning of November 2nd, Lanxi County one of the villagers to the police station, said on the first day of the November 1st student Betty was a taxi driver to give away, 8 o’clock that evening, the children come home. The parents repeatedly asked, Betty told her terrible experience, she was raped by a taxi driver. The girl tell the suspect’s name and appearance, only know that he opened a red car, is a cripple. According to the police girl description of judgment, this is not a regular taxi, but a black car. Police found through investigation, a local man surnamed Cheng has a major crime suspects. A bad leg, a red car. Police immediately action, on the morning of 3 will be arrested. In front is a large number of facts and evidence of a confessed to the crime on their own, a 48 year old, a single person, with a criminal record. He said that before November 1st Betty, about 3:30 in the afternoon, he saw Betty near the school, took her away. He went to the store to buy a pen and began with Betty, then the Betty brought to heart lake tombs to the implementation of the rape. A child’s childhood ruin between a thought, but also ruined his future. Female students drunk students were sitting naked by people outside the sexual assault expansion has nothing to do with the original video:相关的主题文章: