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The 12 year old Ubume seven years old woman Yueyang Jinghua eager to solve problems!-helmet怎么读

The 12 year old Ubume seven years old woman? Yueyang Jinghua eager to solve problems! Yueyang daily media November 2nd news (reporter Feng Gang correspondent Li Haiqing Lei Ru) Yueyang County women Yang household registration age of 1958, and their daughter was born in 1970, two people separated by age is only 12 years old, can be said to be completely beyond the bottom line of normal human cognition, so, why is this happening? Recently, a grey-haired old woman came to Yueyang County, new Central Police Station Office requested the police to help. Household registration office police Xu Dan warmly received the elderly, and the end of tea patiently asked the old man what the difficulties encountered. After understanding, the old man named Yang, born in 1948, who lives in Yueyang County, a new town village. For other reasons, the elderly household registration time is 1958, and now want to correct their age, but can not provide any basis for help. After that, the household registration police Xu Dan with rich work experience, in the service of the masses, to the masses of the occupation spirit, many inquiries, help the elderly to find evidence to prove that the age of the elderly have registration error. When asked whether the elderly have children, the old man took his daughter, Yang Moumou residence certificate, Yang Moumou was born in 1970, by calculating the age difference between the two mother and daughter is only twelve years old, totally illogical, it can prove that the age of the elderly have registration error. The household registration police Xu Dan immediately to prepare materials for the elderly, and to the surrounding village cadres and the elderly neighbors to understand the situation, quickly correct the successful elderly age, timely satisfied Yang later. After the news came, Yang and his family are very happy, repeatedly praised the high efficiency of the police, the work due diligence, serving the masses thoughtful. Subsequently, the incident spread in the town, local residents have to makey more beautiful Jinghua Xu Danshu pointing to praise.相关的主题文章: