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Suzhou, a man remittance according to the wrong key to 23000 yuan refused to return the other party -sql server 2000 个人版

A man in Suzhou to press the wrong button remittance transfer 23000 yuan each other refused to return Wang by bank transfer 23000 yuan ATM, because the phone distracted press the wrong number keys, the 23000 yuan to the account of others, by Wang bank money to the account of a horse, Wang arrived in a horse the police station the police call Ma, but Ma said it could not confirm the wrong Department refused to return. The day before, Wang helpless to the Changshu court to sue the unjust enrichment of Ma for the return of 23000 yuan and bear the loss of interest. After the court accepted the plaintiff’s request, according to a bank account to Ma Mou seized and served a copy of the complaint and court summons. Ma saw the account is frozen quickly and Wang consultations and take the initiative to return the 23000 yuan, Wang gave up the loss of interest litigation request withdrawal on the spot. The judge believes that unjust enrichment means that there is no legal basis, or after the loss of the legitimate basis and is recognized as a result of losses suffered by others, and should bear the obligation to return. The person who gains the benefit is called the beneficiary, the person who suffers the loss is called the victim. Our law has clear provisions on unjust enrichment, the people’s Republic of China "law" provisions of article ninety-second ‘no lawful basis to obtain improper benefits, causing losses to others, illegal profits shall be returned to the person who suffered the loss. The Supreme People’s Court on the implementation of "a number of issues of the people’s Republic of China Law" stipulates that the 131st views of the improper interests’ return, should include the original and the fruits arising therefrom. Other benefits derived from the use of unjust enrichment, after deducting the cost of labor management, shall be confiscated. Expansion of the video (this video has nothing to do with the original text, for reference only) WeChat transfer to transfer the wrong person million remittances back相关的主题文章: