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Analysis of a thin night storm or bring 5 bad effects – People’s Jiangsu window – People’s network-mine_清翼

Analysis of overnight lean or 5 which bring adverse effects — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: Night storm thin or bring 5 adverse effects on many girls, were either thin or die "this kind of words is their daily. Sometimes in order to take pictures, weddings and other important occasions, many sisters will lose weight through a variety of ways to make their own fast thin down. One night storm thin sounds very good, in fact, there are many hidden dangers. Here we take a look at the storm thin adverse consequences: the majority of fat lost overnight thin body of water, the body weight go back too fast, very easy to be fat is heavier than before losing weight, weight, and fat back harder to lean back to ideal weight. Although Xian Lao is a lot of fat woman hate, but to the skin white and delicate, fat is essential. If so, excessive weight loss, it will make your skin more rough, and the crow’s feet grow faster and. Low pregnant weight or excessive weight loss, in addition to can lead to malnutrition, endocrine women will affect, and cause menstrual disorders and other issues, irregular menstruation, pregnancy will naturally increase the difficulty. The same is the result of weight loss, a healthy and stable weight loss and excessive weight loss. If you want to amenorrhea overnight by the way is often thin, extreme dieting, the body will lead to inadequate nutrient intake, low energy. Synthesis of raw material supply enough nutrition without hormone, a long time in the hormone level is low, causing severe disruption of the endocrine system, and lead to amenorrhea. Hair to lose weight too quickly may lead to malnutrition, resulting in The new supersedes the old. is not normal, except it will affect menstruation, but also affect the hair, hair loss, hair color, hair dry yellow. (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: