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Meranti will be at 15 am in the morning to Beijing to the coast of Huilai in Xiamen. 姉summer

"Meranti" will be at 15 am in the morning to visit Xiamen to the coast of Huilai Beijing Beijing in Fuzhou on 13 September, (Chen Danni) Fujian provincial meteorological station 13, 17 issued a typhoon warning in coastal areas, is expected to "miranti" will be at 15 am in the morning to Fujian, Xiamen to Guangdong along the coast of Huilai landing. No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" today 16 when the center is located 20.3 degrees north latitude, longitude 123.8 degrees, Fujian Dongshan is at a distance of 750 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, near the center of the largest wind 17 level (70 m / sec, super typhoon class). "Meranti" will be 20 to 25 kilometers per hour speed to move north to the west, gradually close to the southern coast of Taiwan, 14 days across southern Taiwan, then the trend of coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong and may, at 15 am in the morning to Xiamen to Huilai along the coastal areas, landing typhoon strength level (42 ~ 48 meters, 14 ~ 15). According to the Fujian provincial flood control and anti typhoon emergency plan, Fujian flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters at 13 o’clock to start the typhoon II emergency response. At the same time, Fujian Meteorological Bureau will be a major meteorological disasters (typhoons) III upgrade to the second level emergency response. Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicted 14 day, affected by the 14 typhoon "Meranti" periphery nephsystem, Fujian coastal areas have showers, locally heavy rain to rainstorm. 14 to 15 at night, "Meranti" may be landing Fujian Guangdong coastal Fujian Province, significant precipitation, coastal and southern heavy rain to heavy rain, local heavy rains in southern. 16, "Meranti" after landing to the northwest direction, under its influence, the inland areas of Fujian province with heavy rain, local heavy rain.相关的主题文章: