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Chinese largest desert freshwater lake Hongjiannao Lake downstream narrow nearly half mutual accusat 巴雷特m82a1

Chinese largest desert freshwater lake Hongjiannao Lake downstream mutual accusations reduced nearly half of Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Yulin on September 28th news (reporter Huang Lixin Wen Chao) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that the Hongjiannao lake is located in Shaanxi Inner Mongolia Yijinhuoluo and Shenmu county border, is the National Water Conservancy Scenic Area and Provincial Nature reserve. The history of Hongjiannao to 1969 in the water area of 67 square kilometers, is relictus breeding and habitat and the world’s largest desert freshwater lake in China’s largest, known as the "Pearl of the desert". In recent years, Hongjiannao is facing a serious crisis of survival, the upstream surface recharge river is dam interception, the lower lakes were developed into tourist attractions. At present, the lake area is less than the peak period of nearly half of the three sides of the Shaanxi Shaanxi border refers to the other side of the destruction of each other. Hongjiannao lake is located in the northwest of Shaanxi Shenmu, Maowusu Desert along the southeast. According to the director of the office of the red mud alkali Shenmu county scenic area Dang Yabo, due to reduced water, Hongjiannao water pH value has been as high as 9.8, 17 species of wild freshwater fish in the lake have been originally survival and survival in this number disappeared, another large population — relictus also dropped sharply. Dang Yabo believes that the main cause of Hongjiannao ecological upheaval is the natural river into the truncated surface. Since the beginning of 2006, Inner Mongolia, Yijinhuoluo, respectively, on the two rivers dam interception. Has not been added to the lake area. Because the annual evaporation of Hongjiannao area is 2000 mm, annual rainfall probably between 350 to 400 mm. 1600 mm evaporation and rainfall is mainly dependent on the supply of rivers. After the river closure, there is no way to fill this gap. Dang Yabo introduction, Hongjiannao lake water mainly depends on the surrounding surface water. The river flows through Inner Mongolia, Zagreb and python Yijinhuoluo cover rabbit river is the main water Hongjiannao River, accounting for more than half of the surface runoff water. The party said was sub dam closure is the two rivers. Who lives in Inner Mongolia reservoir downstream Zhasake Wulantaolegai village Xiao Zailin said, since 2004 after the completion of the reservoir downstream river dry, many (villagers) to there planted salix. Today, the rain hit the river into a year of wetlands, rain season villagers can walk across the river. So, naturally into the Hongjiannao river where on earth? What is the cause of Zhasake reservoir in 2004 after the completion of never discharge? Inner Mongolia Erdos Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau deputy director Jiang Yuan introduction, the original Ordos respectively in Zagreb, R. and mang river reservoir and cap rabbit reservoir is to solve the problem of production and living water Erdos Kangbashi district and the surrounding residents, in recent years due to the arid climate, improving the vegetation on the soil, resulting in surface runoff reduction. At the same time, Hongjiannao water level for the reduction, he put forward different views, "Erdos after 2000 began planning ‘three district planning’, a relocation, ecological restoration practices, so that the local vegetation restoration of the ecological environment, particularly good, the soil plant root system.相关的主题文章: