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Hebei Cangzhou found no net saccharin jujube businesses identify Beijing – Weapon 若槻ゆうか

Hebei Cangzhou found no net "saccharin jujube" weapon – Beijing businesses identify the newspaper news (reporter Yu Haining correspondent Xiao Liang) to winter season, sweet and delicious jujube by a lot of people like. However, recently circulated on the Internet a "saccharin jujube" article, will also have "let everyone fears of Cangzhou jujube saccharin market". In this regard, said the food and Drug Supervision Bureau of Cangzhou City, Cangzhou city has not yet found illegal sale of saccharin jujube. The reporter also visited the city several fruit market, fruit to discuss to identify tips. Four in Cangzhou market, the reporter saw the fruit vendor stalls already have boxes of jujube. The jujube size, red and green, the price of 6 yuan per kilogram, 8 yuan, 12 yuan. Greengrocer told reporters, now is the winter season, many people love sweet and crisp jujube, sales volume is very good. Greengrocer Lee said, recently a lot of people to buy dates will be asked whether saccharin bubble, he can only explain again and again these are natural jujube jujube production in Huanghua. Originally, a recently circulated on the Internet as "CCTV exposure: the red jujube, sweet and then don’t buy, too terrible! "In the article. In this article, sweet red jujube jujube is saccharin, is brewed with saccharin. Saccharin is a chemical product, not only has no nutritional value but also seriously affect the health. How to identify saccharin dates? Laoliang is a specialized business of the business date. Laoliang readers weapon, there are three strategies in identifying saccharin dates. A: To observe the appearance of red jujube, clear, dark color is rust red, dark red, taste saccharin soaked, red yellow and green uneven natural color is normal jujube; two touch: "saccharin jujube" pinch is soft and natural red dates is hard; three taste: refined sugar jujube is very sweet, even the fruit is sweet, sweeter than flesh, even slightly bitter. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Cangzhou Municipal Food and drug administration. The staff said that the current market has not found that the people of Cangzhou jujube sell saccharin, can buy.相关的主题文章: