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Beijing Normal University students draw sexual harassment maptips girls detour – Sohu news 纪元1701

Beijing Normal University students draw sexual harassment maptips girls detour – Sohu news news in August 29th 3 in the morning, Beijing Normal University Department of Chinese Junior Kang Chenwei made a circle of friends: trying to put this issue clear, finished feel very happy. Kang Chenwei in "the problem" refers to the "sexual harassment" this is not uncommon, the social phenomenon has almost nothing ". And he just finished the manuscript, it is a focus on campus sexual harassment investigation report. The ten thousand 3000 word report, 60 similar cases rely on publicly available. According to the data of Kang Chenwei plotted a "bjnu lady-killer map" in an interview with the Beijing News reporter, Kang Chenwei said, for her, for some special people attention, and hope that this report, to include Beijing Normal University itself in the university security work, provide a reference. "Silent Tieshi" by the positive feedback of Beijing Normal University campus forum "egg network, every few days, there will be students posting said, he suffered sexual harassment on campus. Beijing News reporter statistics found that from August 18th to August 25th, a week’s time, there are 5 similar net posts. In the Beijing Normal University for three years, Kang said, similar to the net posts, he has not know how much to see". Although the case before, be too numerous to enumerate, almost no one is willing to take the time to go through the phenomenon, explore and summarize. Kang is willing to. He used more than four months, to produce a more than 13 thousand word report. The report called "the silence of the Tieshi — report of Beijing Normal University campus sexual harassment investigation on 2016". Kang Chenwei told the Beijing News reporter, the so-called "iron lion" has two meanings. One is because Beijing Normal University is located in the iron lion grave, "silent on the", also alluding to this field had little attention and research. In addition, its still a symbol that represents the "power". He hoped that the focus of the investigation report of special groups, to form their own strength. In an interview with the Beijing News reporter, Kang Chenwei said that after the survey report issued, the spread of the effect is quite good, but also get a lot of positive feedback. Currently, the investigation report, the school has not contact with their own. To provide reference for the Beijing News reporter saw the campus security, Kang Chenwei’s investigation report, based on public data combing, summed up from 2007 to 2016, in the campus of Beijing Normal University in 60 cases of sexual harassment. According to the material has been mastered, he also plotted out the occurrence of campus sexual harassment of the geographical distribution map. In addition, the school security department to report the case by statistics, Kang Chenwei summed up the time frequency map and month chart. On this basis, Kang found the campus sexual harassment prone areas, as well as security work of the blind area. In his words, the report provides a reference for campus security." In the survey of more than thirteen thousand words, not only on the specific case of repeat, Kang Chenwei will focus more on the phenomenon, Yu root相关的主题文章: