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Why so many crooks’ recommendation? Brokers: computer ago no one knows you’re a dog Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always tell you why my recommendation so much you cheat? Brokers: computer ago no one knows you’re a dog each reporter Wang Yandan recently, Internet fraud, telecommunications fraud has become the focus of the society sustained attention, similar behavior also exists in the securities industry. After each investment Bao reporter noted that in September 20th, Chinese Securities Industry Association released the "illegal counterfeit securities companies, securities investment consulting companies and other institutions blacklist" (2016 ninth), the public as many as 253 illegal counterfeit agency websites containing illegal content pages, blog. Among them, in August added a new copy of Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd, counterfeiting, China Galaxy Securities Limited by Share Ltd and other 6 illegal investment consulting website, blog. Five types of fraud must be alert according to the CSI Association disclosure, specifically, illegal investment consulting website has the following five categories: the first is to attract members or clients in the name of providing securities investment analysis, forecasts or recommendations, illegal agents engaged in securities investment financial activities. Found in August, "the tide of financial http:" and "stock accounts for 10 thousand years http: www.ht0170324005.icoc.me, in cattle, cattle stock second is selected to ensure returns, high returns as bait, Valet trader, open to attract customers, signed a trust agreement with the investors engaged in illegal securities activities. "Sheng Feng International hf223 index" belong to such. The third is a fake legitimate securities operating institutions website or blog, the release of illegal securities activities information to attract members or customers. In August, the counterfeit "Huatai Securities Limited by Share Ltd" site fourth is the use of fictional name of the securities company, issued illegal securities activities using information portal site blog, to attract members or clients, providing securities investment analysis, forecast or recommendation service, engage in illegal securities investment advisory business. Hongxing securities blog hhf158, Xinhua securities blog fifth is a portal website, blog, QQ as a platform to spread information on illegal securities activities, providing securities investment analysis, forecast or recommendation service, collect fees, service fees. Wang Yawei, Ye Rongtian, ye tan leather and well-known financial sources are fake. Broker: can not find the defendant to court to yesterday, a broker who told reporters after each investment treasure, this kind of thing companies have encountered a few times, "two days before the company also received a telephone, said what is the XX group, and XX securities". He said that, in general, the company received such a call will seek legal filing. In addition, the fake site, WeChat public number and micro-blog plus V, etc., in addition to the filing of the law will also find the network police complaints, if true, these sites or public number will be canceled. However, he said that such fraud is more difficult to prevent, it is difficult to go to court, because it is not easy to find the defendant. "Like theory相关的主题文章: