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American woman witnessed the Chinese tour guide was killed chasing the suspect ran to catch – China 三色网 333se.cc

The woman was killed after a Chinese tour guide to witness the suspect ran to Beijing Chinese – captured overseas network on 25 October, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that recently, Chinese American Tour season or robbery shot in Las by Garth, southern California Chinese tour industry said that the incident had witnessed an American lady Nicole after all, and the African American 27 year old suspect Charles Smith reportedly was the Caesars Palace in Rome shopping center security. According to a tour guide said, Nicole witnessed the whole process, witnessed the season or was shot in the head and body multiple gun. The suspect opened the front seat door to pull out of season or season, "or later half hanging in the passenger seat, head". The woman ran to the side of the phone while calling the police suspected of entering the staff parking lot, saw the suspect ran down the stairs upstairs, threw the pistol and ran to the first floor. She followed the suspect all the way to the parking lot at the end, when the police arrived, the suspect arrested. She deplored for the death of Mr. Ji, and said that will testify to the suspect to justice. Since the season or after a season at home affairs has the help of Chinese tourism industry Lin said, fortunately when the accident happened, the women in the United States just came out from the Forum Shop wall corner, she heard a shot, then saw the murderer gun, she cried, the suspect fled to tight parking lot two floor, and throw away assault weapons. If she is not brave enough courage, toward the suspect fled in the direction of catching up and the police, arrested the suspect had not escaped from hiding in the parking lot building was soon the police, the case is likely to be difficult to solve the case. The number of clusters with the same day Ji Fuli was not much, 11 pm, Cesar hotel guests in the shopping season, Mr. alone in the car waiting for the guests, the tragedy. After the incident, the staff identified the Caesars Palace, the suspect used to work at Caesars Palace shopping center in Rome, where the security is. Tour guide in the United States and a weak woman dare to fight against the evil forces deeply admire, thank her for the Chinese victims of justice. (Feng Mingtai)相关的主题文章: