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Yuan Longping planted a sea rice in the recently held 2016 World Conference on life science, Yuan Longping introduced the exploration of the cultivation of rice". It is understood that the day before the Qingdao city established the "Qingdao water rice research center", this is the first national water rice research and development center, Yuan Longping served as chief scientist and director of the center. The center of the program in 3 years time, realize the rice planting 200 kg per mu breakthrough goal. Yuan Longping hope to be able to produce more than 300 kilograms per mu water rice future. The reason for this goal, Yuan Longping said that the need for rice fertilization, irrigation, pest control, which requires cost. The yield of rice water is not high, only about 100 kilograms per mu, is a semi wild state. Farmers do not even pay the cost of breeding, enthusiasm is not high. But if you can increase to 300 kilograms per mu, a sea of rice bargain. Yuan Longping said that at present, the Qingdao sea rice experiment is still advancing, the future is expected to be able to use more saline alkaline water irrigation. "A billion acres of saline without crops nationwide, there are tens of millions of acres of beach, if use nationwide one hundred million acres of rice water, 300 kg per mu, will increase 30 billion kg, equivalent to the annual yield of rice in Hunan province." Yuan Longping believes that the development of sea rice is very promising. Yuan Longping introduced, the key is to promote the rice water enhance the salt concentration, divided into two routes: one is breeding in conventional breeding, the characteristics of salt transfer to the high-yield varieties above; another is the molecular techniques, the salt resistance gene cloned transfer to high product. He also believes that molecular technology is better, but more difficult. Yuan Longping also said that some foreign scientists are engaged in the development of seawater rice. But China has a unique advantage in this field. In the South China River Estuary, exist strong alkali resistance, strong resistance and strong vitality of the sea wild rice, provides a valuable foundation for scientific research personnel resources. In an interview, Yuan Longping also responded to the hybrid rice, high yield and low quality question. Some people think that although the hybrid rice yield high but often the quality is not high, and even some consumers prefer foreign high-quality rice. Yuan Longping said that hybrid rice at the same time to achieve high yield and quality, very difficult, but the yield and quality is not antagonistic contradictions. Yuan Longping said, some people have a one-sided view of hybrid rice, that is not high yield quality, before some hybrid rice quality. But to see that in the last century, first of all to solve the problem of food and clothing, the production must be placed in priority." Yuan Longping said, now the standard of living improves, people do not eat satisfied, but also to eat, we have also changed the strategy, not only to yield and quality, but not at the expense of the cost of production and quality. "We have developed a new hybrid rice varieties’ super excellent thousand ‘, the quality can be comparable with the market of 80 yuan a pound of Japanese rice. Japanese businessmen came to us, and sampling test, the evaluation said that the flexibility of chewing head, taste good." Yuan Longping proud to say. He believes that some of the high quality rice prices are very high, there are reasons for market speculation, usually people can not afford to eat. He also stressed that the Chinese people,.相关的主题文章: