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U.S. astronauts to stay in space for more than and 500 days to record the record breaking high innov naughty怎么读

The American astronauts stay space for more than and 500 days did not break the record highs in the Russian new network in new network on 27 August, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported that as of August 24th, the United States a grandfather of astronauts in space in a total of up to 521 days, refresh the NASA record. According to reports, as of Wednesday, the 58 year old Williams Williams (Jeff) in the total number of days to stay in space beyond the retired colleague (Scott Kelly) record of 520 days. Williams the 521 day of the new record is four times the number of days he accumulated space flight. Williams, who is currently on a fourth flight mission, will not return to earth until September 6th, when he will stay in space for a total of about 534 days. However, Russia is still the longest stay in space astronaut Padalka (Gennady Padalka), his five expedition, spent 879 days in space. Kelly on Wednesday urged Williams, congratulations on his achievements. "I congratulate you," Kelly said…… Glad to see another record broken…… But I have a question: will you stay in space for more than 190 days? (this will break Kelly’s record for a single flight to stay in space)". Williams replied with a smile: "this question should not ask me, should ask my wife." Williams in 2000 aboard the space shuttle Atlantis for the first time in space, the international space station for long-term manned assembly work, and then he returned to the international space station in 2006 and in 2010. He is currently the commander of the international space station. The international space station has six astronauts and the space station is equal to a football field. Williams 19 days this month, fourth times the space walk, together with the American astronaut Rubens for the future carrying tourists space taxi (space taxis) set the parking place, they will be in the next month 1 days to do a spacewalk, a space station of mobile equipment. Williams is a retired army colonel, fathered two sons and three grandchildren. "Any day spent in space is an honor, and it’s my honor to be able to record the longest days of life in space," he said in a recent interview with nasa." Williams believes that the international space station is one of the greatest achievements in science and technology, and its birth benefit from international cooperation. He said: "for me, the ISS is a much bigger story."相关的主题文章: