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Japan, Hokkaido and more people were killed due to typhoon flood breaching of the dike 木村kaela

Japan, Hokkaido and more flooding due to typhoon breaching of the dike and killed more than the original title: storm caused Hokkaido and northeast Japan breaching of the dike flooding killed more than Beijing, August 31, according to Japanese media reports, the storm affected the tenth typhoon this year, "Lion Rock" brought by Japan Hokkaido and Northeast China this month 31 days after another came breaching of the dike and flooding disaster. Among them, Japan’s Iwate Prefecture police found 9 bodies in the vicinity of the county Iwaizumi homes for the elderly, and in Kuji, debris found in an elderly woman’s body. According to reports, affected by this, Japan Hokkaido South Furano, Sichuan and sorachi Obihiro Zagreb in Sichuan Iwate county at the breaching of the dike, continuous flooding. 3 bridges damaged in Hokkaido, a total of 6 cars fell into the river, the disappearance of 3 people. Japan Iwate County police has been launched in the Iwaizumi search. The remains of the city of mercy, because the 30 night near the house was washed away led to a more than and 80 year old woman missing, the county police investigate whether there is a correlation between the two. Iwate County river flooding leads to disaster in Japan, Iwaizumi center and other places were flooded, many roads were blocked. 31 morning, the Japanese ground self defense forces from the rescue of over 3 residents. Miyako Island city government was trapped. In addition, the disaster is also expanding in Hokkaido, japan. According to the Hokkaido development authority and the government of Hokkaido, South Furano, a few empty know Yin Chuan town government street where the breaching of the dike, was flooded, about 200 residents trapped. Obihiro Zagreb in Sichuan also appeared part of breaching of the dike. The government of Hokkaido to help the residents and water supply, has requested the SDF to South Furano, 4, relief. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, in recent days, Hokkaido has been a record breaking rainfall. Kamishihoro 29 am local time 0 to 31 am 4 cumulative rainfall of 286 mm, much more than a month of rainfall last August. South Furano 29 AM 0 Yin ting a few points to 31 day at 3:40 in the morning also measured rainfall of 183.5 mm of rain. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: