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Why a lot of new pots, one with white sand 魔界骑士イングリッド

Why a lot of new pots, one with white sand? A few days ago a pot friends asked a question, he bought a teapot, found the pot has some white sand, that looks like sugar. There are friends to see this pot of white particles on the scared, thought that the chemical pot, in fact, is not! Why a new teapot is quartz sand? Explain this phenomenon: the pot is fired at high temperature 1000 degrees, the teapot in the firing pot cover and the pot is not separate to burn, but to burn as a whole, because if the kettle cover and the kettle body from burning, the lid is likely to be fired and deformation damage, but also easy and Hukou do not match. In front of kiln in the pot cover along the brush quartz sand in order to avoid the high temperature under the condition of pot cover along with the Hukou along because of "thermal expansion" caused compaction occurs the lid cannot be opened normally, the people will be in the pot lid along the brush on a layer of quartz sand in the teapot into the kiln before. So the teapot teapot fired after cooling, the sand will fall into the pot. Before burning the teapot if you go directly to the kiln with the teapot, you will find that even the lid is all around the white sand. A new teapot, a kiln is usually not water cleaning, simple to clean the pot outside, have maintained "authentic", it must be in the teapot pot to see some white gravel. This pot is often more worth to start, because it just proves the pot without any artificial modification of late, there is no coloring, polishing and other issues, without global support, there is no scars, mud, all at a glance. After burning the teapot the quartz sand is absolutely non-toxic, used in daily life of tap water and pure water, in the process of settling net has a lot of even a multichannel quartz sand, let not clean water from the quartz sand layer through to filter impurities. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the problem of quartz sand, as long as the use of water before cleaning the quartz sand in the pot on the line. Now understand why a new teapot will appear white gravel it?相关的主题文章: