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Real-Estate Noida: The enormous industrial growth in Noida has led to a huge demand for residential properties. Even though Noida offers a lot many residential options like villas, penthouses, bungalows and condominiums it is the apartments and flats which are basking in the glory. Apartments and flats have become a hit in Noida due to the comfort, safety and the affordable price tag for stylish living. The flats and apartments have been designed keeping in mind the different pocket sizes. Thus, Noida offers flats or apartments which fit all the budgets ranging from low, medium to high. This NCR region has all the facilities to be a residential area. It has shopping malls, eateries, entertainment hubs, educational institutes and what not. The apartments and flats come in all sizes from a single bedroom to a five bedroom set. Famous builders are now targeting Noida for their next project while some are already accommodating many happy residents. Apartments and flats have the provision of a tight security round-the-clock and making the essential amenities available at all hours for their residents there is no doubt as to why they are leaving behind the craze of living in bungalows or villas. These well-planned apartments also offer a lot of greenery in and around the apartments. The government of Uttar Pradesh also has role to play in giving the city a planned structure. Apartments are also nothing but an evolved form of planning and comfort. Noida or the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority was created in 1976 to define the commercial, residential and industrial areas and to provide facilities as well as infrastructure to help these grow. It also regulated and kept a check on the number of residential buildings being built on a particular area. Proper drainage as well as garbage disposal facilities were also provided. Noida authority was also set up to share the load of residential properties of Delhi and provide cheaper alternatives to the Delhi people. Thus slowly and gradually planned residential areas along with commercial and industrial were developed by the Noida authority. Buying a piece of land and then building it into your favorite villa, bungalow or independent house is a process which is very expensive and time consuming. All these factors make the apartments and flats score higher in comparison to other available residential options. Gurgaon: Gurgaon is a major revenue churner for Haryana with all the top multinationals setting up their offices here. The city has undergone an exponential boom in the real estate market owing to the growing industrial and financial activities. With so many commercial establishments the demand for residential properties is naturally bound to increase. Gurgaon has responded equally well to the apartment culture and embraced it gracefully as well. World-class apartments equipped with all the modern day comforts of life provide a sophisticated life style to the top management executives employed in the world-renowned MNCs and corporate firms. They come in attractive designs, at an affordable price and offer all the luxuries. Different categories of flats and apartments make it possible for all the home seekers having different budgets to own an apartment. Several big players of the real estate market like DLF, Unitech, Parshvanath etc. are busy constructing classy apartments in Gurgaon which have all the possible luxuries. As the safety and facilities provided in the apartments and flats outnumber the benefits of living in an independent house or a villa, apartments are flourishing all over Gurgaon. If you dream of spending a lavish life then Gurgaon has plenty of options for you. The spacious 5 bedroom flats, attractive gardens, centralized cooling, spa facilities, escalators, pools, golf course, cameras for security, play grounds for kids and much more are sure to enhance your stand in the society. If you buy an apartment in Gurgaon be assured of getting a high resale value and rent for that purpose. HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority) has played an instrumental role in the development of infrastructural facilities in Gurgaon. HUDA Gurgaon has transformed the city due to its constant efforts. HUDA was founded in 1977 for the development of urban areas of Haryana. HUDA Gurgaon was assigned with the task of managing the development of properties and initiating economical housing schemes in Sohna, Rewari, Dharuhera, Narnaul and Rozka-Meo. It also looks after the plots allotment, group housing projects etc. It was only because of the establishment of HUDA Gurgaon, which laid the foundation stone of progress that the city is doing great in terms of infrastructure. The initiative to provide affordable housing has today led to the construction of well-equipped apartments. Gurgaon presents lovely and opulent serviced, terrace or ready-to-move apartments. The serviced apartments are fully-furnished and are generally used for rental purpose by the corporates. Terrace apartments are also called as penthouses and offer luxury like none other class. The last category, i.e. the ready-to-move apartments are mainly occupied by the single individuals and include all the furniture, dishwasher, modular kitchen, ACs etc. Living in apartments has now become a social custom to lead a stylish and fashionable life exuding a higher status. Gurgaon besides leaving its mark on the Indian map as one of the top BPO and software destination is all set to introduce a new phase of luxury. The sprawling apartments dipped in posh and luxurious living give you an out of this world experience. Faridabad: Faridabad is going to be the next big thing in industrial development and also in terms of real estate. Already many investors have headed to Faridabad considering its bright future which lies ahead. The HUDA Faridabad authority has planned to build the next model industrial township in Faridabad. The real estate market in Faridabad is becoming hot day by day as investors are realizing its worth and also because purchasing a property in Delhi is becoming an almost impossible dream for people with a low budget. Faridabad is all set on the path of infrastructural growth. It has a well-connected railway and road network which makes it accessible. Faridabad will also have the metro running through the length of the city in the future. The economy is going to witness a rapid boom. Many residential projects are already complete while some are still in progress. Though Faridabad is a bit slow in catching up with the apartment culture, things still look promising. Several reputed builders as well as the government has ongoing residential projects while many projects are in the pipeline to meet the residential demands of the people. A number of people are flocking towards Faridabad for investment or residential purpose. Economical apartments and flats are ready to lure the prospective buyers and tend to become more popular in the coming days as they are comparatively low priced and are furnished with all the comforts and amenities. Buying individual plots is very expensive and in todays world when time is becoming a rare commodity people prefer apartments or flats where they can simply get their stuff reloaded. Living in apartments or flats also provides a sense of security with a round-the-clock vigil at the entrance of the society. HUDA Faridabad has made continuous efforts to build the available plots for residential, commercial and industrial purpose. The housing projects undertaken by HUDA Faridabad have given a new shape to the city. It is accommodating many people who aspired to own a house in Delhi but failing to do so have headed to Faridabad. The economic growth and employment opportunities have also attracted many to live in Faridabad. Faridabad is surely living up to the expectations of the master plan to develop an NCR region so as to decrease the population pressure on Delhi. Today, Faridabad houses thousands and thousands of people in the comfortable, secure and classy apartments and fulfills their dream of living under their own roof. Ghaziabad: Ghaziabad is in the initial stages of growth and development in real estate market. Part of Delhi NCR region it has also played an important role in decreasing the population pressure on Delhi. It has also helped in meeting the exponential residential demand of Delhi by providing an accommodation the people thronging Delhi. Apartments and flats culture though not a craze is gaining ground slowly but steadily. Several well-known manufacturing & service industry giants are setting their offices in Ghazaiabad and gearing it up for the slow but consistent growth. Being well-connected to Delhi, Ghaziabad has a lot to offer in the coming future as it holds an immense potential for development. GDA or Ghaziabad Development Authority has played an important role in giving the city a planned look. It has undertaken several housing projects. GDA came up with a Master Plan and took charge of acquiring plots and converting them into housing projects. Several apartments and flats in the category of LIG, MIG and HIG were constructed. GDA was responsible for the urban development of Ghaziabad. The GDI now has plans of building around two and a half lakh of houses along with some private builders. The Indirapuram project of GDA can be cited as an excellent example of how GDA has been making sincere efforts to provide affordable accommodation in the form of well-planned township and apartments. The housing schemes of GDA inspired many private builders to construct affordable and stylish apartments. Apartments are equipped with all the basic amenities and comforts and also have tight security arrangements. The vast array of facilities provided in the apartments and flats is attracting the buyers more than the expensive independent houses which are not even considered that safe. So, if you are considering owning a residential property in NCR then you must make up your mind rather quickly as once NCR has the metro connectivity the prices of apartments and flats will touch the maximum heights. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: