曝章泽天六级成绩 章泽天英语成绩单曝光 妥妥的学霸难怪招助理要求也不简单 Zhang Zetian Zhang Zetian exposed grade six English exposure properly Curve Wrecker to guaizhao assistant requirements is not simple-男子五脏六腑反长

章泽天英语成绩单曝光 妥妥的学霸难怪招助理要求也不简单






  4月17日,有网友在微博曝光章泽天在朋友圈招助理的消息,从截图来看章泽天招一个助理的要求不简单,要求:“本人诚意招聘一名个人助理,协助我处理慈善、投资、商务活动及出差安排,同时协助处理家庭事务。希望女生,有海外生活经历,英语好,两年以上工作经验。 base北京或香港,需要偶尔出差。最重要是细心,责任心,主动性,能够长期稳定工作。同等条件下爱好摄影者优先。”






Zhang Zetian English exposure properly Curve Wrecker to guaizhao assistant requirements is not simple     Zhang Zetian In June 15th, Zhang Zetian Fans group in micro-blog drying out Zhang Zetian in College English six class transcripts, so as to wish the exam students get good grades. In the performance, show tea sister’s six grades for 541 points, of which listening 174 points, read 203 points, writing and translation 164 points. 541 points in the six test is high marks, it seems that tea sister is properly appropriate learning tyrants ah! Zhang Zetian English transcript six In April 17th, there are users in the micro-blog exposure Zhang Zetian assistant message in the circle of friends, from the screenshot Zhang Zetian recruit a assistant does not require simple request: "I sincerely looking for a personal assistant, to help me deal with charity, investment, business activities and travel arrangements, to assist in dealing with family matters at the same time. I hope girls have overseas life experience, English is good, more than two years work experience. Base, Beijing or Hongkong, occasional travel is required. The most important thing is to be careful, responsible and proactive, and able to work steadily for a long time. Prefer photography under equal conditions." Zhang Zetian After the recruitment of information exposure, users have onlookers message that "shocked."!" Among them, some netizens are ashamed to say: "focus on: women, business, investment, charity, study abroad, good English, willing to be a long-term nanny, and photography."" "Think of so much older, even they do little girl assistants are not qualified!" But some netizens said: "well done, this is a springboard, after which you can jump directly to the management, and Zhang Zetian attended the occasion are high-level field."!" Zhang Zetian Day ago, tea sister Zhang Zetian in INS uploaded a demo electric car beauty photos. In the photo, Zhang Zetian under the help of the staff wear dark blue overalls, white lips, sweet smile, very slender, very handsome and valiant and heroic in bearing.