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  6月28日,一位市民在北京图书大厦的“爱心读诗亭”内,用经典诵读的方式参与“带本书给家乡的孩子”大型公益活动,为边远地区的孩子募捐图书。 “带本书给家乡的孩子”活动由北京团市委、北京电视台、北京出版集团、北京发行集团共同发起,今年采取“你读一首诗,我捐一本书”的形式,让市民用“诵读”的方式献出一份爱心。“爱心读诗亭”不仅会常驻北京图书大厦和王府井书店,还会到机场、火车站和学校等。活动开始一周以来,已有1万多人参与。

Love read poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing City   In June 28th, a citizen in a "love reading Pavilion" at the Beijing book building took a classical reading to participate in the public welfare activities of children who bring books to their hometown, and to collect books for children in remote areas. "Take this book to their children" co sponsored by Beijing Municipal Committee, Beijing TV, Beijing publishing group, Beijing publishing group, this year to take you to read a poem, I donate a book "form, to allow the public to" read "the way gave a love. "Love reading Pavilion" will not only visit the Beijing Book Building and the Wangfujing bookstore, but also go to the airport, railway station and school. More than 10 thousand people have been involved in the event since the start of the week.相关的主题文章: