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读诗亭亮相北京 长啥样引关注


  昨日上午刚过10点,前门大街北口的一座红色小亭子格外显眼,记者看到红亭上写有“爱心读诗亭”的字样,红亭外排起十余米长队伍。在读诗、捐书的队伍中,有从清华大学赶来的老者,也有八九岁的小朋友。小朋友告诉记者,自己不仅要进读诗亭朗读诗歌,还带来了一本图书,“这本书我已经看过了,觉得内容很好,希望乡村的小伙伴也能读到”。 据了解,本次“你读一首诗 我捐一本书”是大型公益活动“带本书给家乡的孩子”的第五季,这个夏天,一座座“爱心读诗亭”将面向公众免费开放,它不仅会常设在北京图书大厦、王府井书店,还会前往首都各大高校和中小学校,流转到具有浓浓文化气息的国子监及首都各大图书馆,并现身人潮涌动的机场、火车站和各大商圈。 现场负责人介绍,从2015年春节起,已将12万余册爱心图书送往21个省市自治区的200多所贫困小学,在全国各地纷纷建立了23间爱心图书室。

Read poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing, what attracted attention?   Yesterday, in the Qianmen Street north exit, a written "love poems" Pavilion of the Red Pavilion led people to stop, the Beijing morning news reporters on the scene, although the hot weather, but still lined up outside the pavilion, which is the oldest old, there are eight or nine year old children. Reporters learned that the event is co sponsored by the Beijing municipal Party committee, Beijing TV station and Beijing publishing group, Beijing publishing group and the public welfare activities, as long as people walked into the pavilion, read a poem forwarded to the circle of friends, will be able to donate a book for children of the mountains. Yesterday morning shortly after 10 p.m., Qianmen Street north exit of a small red Pavilion is particularly conspicuous, the reporter saw the Red Pavilion written on the "love poetry Pavilion" words, the Red Pavilion lined up more than ten meters long queue. In the book of poetry, the team from the Tsinghua University, came to the old man, there are eight or nine year olds. The child told reporters that he would not only read poetry, but also bring a book. "I have read it, I think it is very good, and I hope it will be read by my little friends in the countryside, too."". It is understood that this time you read a poem I donate a book "is a large public events with a book to their children" in the fifth quarter, this summer, a "love poetry Pavilion" will be free and open to the public, it will not only standing in the Beijing book building, Wangfujing bookstore, will go to the capital of the major universities and schools, and transfer to the imperial capital culture has thick large libraries, and appeared in the crowded airport, train station and major shopping district. Person in charge of the scene, from the 2015 Spring Festival onwards, has sent more than 12 copies of love books to 21 provinces and autonomous regions of more than 200 poor primary schools, in the country have established 23 love library.