[女导游在德国被抢]_中国女导游在德国被抢 3名男子抢包后迅速逃走 [the female tour guide in Germany]_ Chinese robbed the female tour guide in Germany was robbed of 3 men robbed the bag immediately after the esca-52岁诞下龙凤胎




  德媒称,一个中国学生团无法按计划飞回国,因为他们的女导游在北莱茵-威斯特法伦州被偷走了背包,在她被盗的背包里,有所有这13名中国学生的护照。 据德新社7月10日报道,据警方报告,7月10日凌晨,一名男子在北莱茵-威斯特法伦州蒙海姆一家旅馆的停车场上从45岁的女导游肩上扯走背包。

这名抢劫的男子还有两名男性同伙在协助他。他们得手后,钻进一辆黑色汽车,很快逃之夭夭。女导游曾试图拦截抢劫犯的车辆,但未能成功,她还摔倒在地,肘部和太阳穴受了伤。 In July 10th, Chinese composed of 13 students on the tour arrived in Germany, in North Rhine Westphalia Monheim, female tour guide suddenly 3 men snatched the bag, in which 13 people lost passport, not returning to normal. Chinese woman guide was robbed in Germany German media said, a group of students to China planned to fly home, because their female tour guide was stolen backpack in North Rhine – Westphalia, in her stolen backpack, with all 13 Chinese student passport. According to the German news agency reported on July 10th, according to the police report, July 10th morning, a man parking lot Monheim a hotel in North Rhine Westphalia, from the 45 year old female tour guide shoulder backpack off. The robber man had two men to help him. After they had succeeded, they got into a black car and quickly ran away. The female guide tried to intercept the vehicle, but failed. She fell to the ground, injured her elbow and temples.相关的主题文章: