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[安以轩归宁宴]_安以轩归宁宴 大S汪小菲到场以行动破除流言 [Ady Ann Ady Ann s mothering feast]_ mothering feast scene Wang Xiaofei action to get rid of gossip-赵丽颖冯绍峰恋情

安以轩归宁宴 大S汪小菲到场以行动破除流言


  大S说祝福话时,一度忘记自己要讲什么,她说“当妈记性不好”。汪小菲则表示:“我跟轩轩是10年朋友,友谊非常好,一直是很好朋友的关系,还有一个当时被拍到背影不是我。”大S还玩笑“背影给大家看一下”。当初新闻曾曝出安以轩暗恋汪小菲5年,却被闺蜜大S抢走传闻,不过双方曾否认,这次安以轩婚礼大S夫妻到场,以行动破除流言。 Ady Ann Wang Xiaofei s mothering feast to action to get rid of gossip   Ady Ann and Macao de Jin group CEO Chen Ronglian 23 at the Mandarin Oriental hotel banquet, her circle is good, many guests arrived at the scene, I and husband Wang Xiaofei arrived at the scene, she said "emotional happy today to drink Xuan Xuan wedding, a large stone heart settled feeling, we are together at that time because it is a cry on each other’s shoulder, on the rivers and lakes with the drift when the 2 wolf, the head she helped me to introduce michael." Hsu said blessing words, once forget what to say, she said: "when the mother had a bad memory". Wang Xiaofei said: "I am 10 years friend with Xuan Xuan, friendship is very good, is a very good friend, there is a time to be photographed is not my back." I also give you a look back "joke". The original news had exposed Ady Ann has a crush on Wang Xiaofei for 5 years, but was bestie s away rumors, but both denied, the wedding of Ady Ann s husband arrived at the scene, action to get rid of gossip.